Monday, September 1, 2008

Thailand Protest....Airport Shut Down

We are having a great time in Thailand! And thankful to the thousands of protesters here in Thailand we get to stay a couple more days... YEAH!

Protesters in hope to get the Prime Minister to step down have taken over the airports here in Thailand... so the airports have been shut down.

We were suppose to leave here on Sunday morning and now we will be headed out tomorrow, Tuesday morning.

There will be more to come on our awesome trip... so stay tuned but wanted everyone to know that we are doing OK and we are enjoying our extended stay in Thailand...

Here are the protesters on there way to sit to on the runways of the airports...

Here they are when the military stepped in. Approx. 15, 000 people were not able to fly out or in... we were 5 of those 15K.

Here is the man that is refusing to step down... Peace!

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Theresa Rushing said...

This is Shelly...I'm on Theresa's computer. Wow. Is it scary? That is crazy, but Thailand is a cool place to be stranded some extra days. Did you go to the market in Chiang Mai? That was my favorite place there.


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