Sunday, September 28, 2008

Got to love those church outfits!

When my parents were here they brought Pierce this cute little church outfit... I just love these and I think they stop making them after 24 months... and you can tell the 24 month one is almost to small... but we still love it and doesn't he look so cute.

Look at those thighs... I could just eat them.

He would not sit still (just like a 20 month old)... so this is the best shot I got of this outfit... I will miss these clothes... thanks Vivi and Grandad!


Cassidy said...

Precious! and I like your church clothes too!

Justin, Suzanne and Shelby said...

How cute! I love Pierce's outfit! I love that you call it a church outfit...Shelby has church socks. You know, the white ones that you fold over with the lace! When I opened them at my shower I said, "Oh yes! Church socks!" Everyone got a kick out of it! It's good to see that we think alike!! :)

You mentioned in a comment a while back that you thought Pierce and Shelby look alike. I agree!! I actually think it more and more. They do have similar cheeks (and thighs!!).

da momma said...

Ahh, Shelby & Pierce should hook it up! He is just precious and so tan!


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