Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chinese Garden - Autumn Festival!

One night after Pierce went to bed Vivi, Grandad and I went to the Chinese Garden (lets just say that Blake was happy to stay at home and keep an eye on Pierce). Here in Singapore they are celebrating the Full Moon with an Autumn Festival.. there is alot of tradition behind it (stories, legends, etc) but one of the things they do here is celebrate with lots of color at the Chinese Garden and with lanterns. Here is the entrance.

Kind of dark but you can see my parents at the bottom with the huge stage lite up in the back. The theme for the Chinese Garden was "Hello Kitty" not sure if it changes from year to year... but not sure how it would there are so many decorations.

When we first got there you get lanterns to walk around with and they have a candle in the middle. Here we are making our lanterns.

One happy family with our "Hello Kitty" lanterns... Grandad made a good point... "you could never walk around in America with paper lanterns with a burning candle in it... there are too many lawyers"... HE HE HE (to all my lawyer friends I love you).

We watched some shows... here a lady was dancing with her doll (Blake is very pleased he stayed at home so far)... :-)

Decorations and more decorations (everywhere).

There was this little Chinese man that was making candy (suckers I guess) our of melted sugar/honey. There is a video below if you would like to watch him make this.

Video of the candy making... so cool.

We watched the Chinese Dragon's dance (and scare all of the children... just kidding).

A great shot of the bridge leading us into the Chinese Garden.

More decorations on the water. I can't wait to see what they have next year... for all of our visitors that want to see this you have to come in the month of September to see.

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