Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First and Second Day with VIVI and Grandad!

Our first day we spent the entire morning and afternoon at different grocery stores to get all the food we need for the week... We took the bus and taxi to the city and back... we had a great time and I loved showing my parents around in our new home.

The Second day (today) we went to China Town (and now we are waiting on Pierce to wake up from his nap). We had such a great time in China Town and here are a few pictures of what we saw.

Also I wanted you to note that we leave tomorrow for we will be back on Sunday with a blog to let you know how our trip went.

The oldest Hindu temple in Singapore... we did go inside... take our shoes off and stand at the point for visitors. Very interesting.

After shopping... bought some fake Prada glasses, sun hat and beer mugs... we went to the wet market to get some fresh veggies and fruit.

They also have fish and other meat there... when we saw this... My mom asked how do you become a black chicken... made me laugh so hard I had to share....I am still a little confused on how how one becomes a chicken (which was first the chicken or the egg)... but a black one I have no idea.

Frogs for sale... kind of like picking out your own crab... choose and take home.

All kinds of fish.

And if you remember me telling you that I ate Jelly Fish... this is what it looks like before it is cooked. The man selling the fish was very impressed that I knew it was Jelly Fish.. he said that it is not for Americans... HE HE HE But told me it was good to lower my cholesterol.

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I had no idea that peanuts grew like this... not really sure what I thought... never really thought about it... but I hope that you find this interesting.... those are peanuts...

ViVi and Grandad have arrived!

My parents have arrived safe and sound... they arrived at midnight on Monday (Tuesday morning) and we have been going full speed since they have arrived... I wanted you to see a couple of pictures of their arrival... this is a long one but I thought some of you would enjoy the pictures.

Blake meet them at the airport with this sign... this picture was taken back home when they got here and they all hid behind the poster just like Blake did at the airport. So cute.
Pierce was not able to see my parents when they first got here bc he was a sleep for the night but the next morning when he woke up and saw them... this is what they got... a huge smile.
And lots of kisses.

Of course my parents came bearing gifts... one bc we are spoiled and two some of them were for our wedding anniversary... and three were just bc I asked. Here my Grandmother sent some of here homemade bread and my mom brought some corn tortilla's (can't find them here). Thank you (Great) Grandma.

Here are all the bags of goodies... just think how long this blog would be if I took pictures of everything.

Pierce wanted this tiger at the FTW zoo the first time my parents took him there... so they brought it for him and he loves it.

All excited to open up his baseball toy... can hardly wait.

More toys... playing with Grandad has been so much fun... they are truly buddies.
Dresses and shoes (my first Reef's) for mom.
Clothes and shoes (his first pair of Reef's) for Pierce.
And for Dad (first pair of Reef's). Are we spoiled are what... it is like Christmas in August.

Mom made it the first half of the day and then she had to take a nap (she did so good that night but taking a nap is a huge no no for jet lag... but she handled it well and sleep that night).

This is Pierce playing with his new toy... it is a blow up ball and bat and stand... Pierce knows how to balance the ball on the stand and swing... the white fuzzy object in the picture is the ball and the green fuzzy object is the bat... maybe baseball will be his sport.

We had asked my parents to bring us a new stroller... I saw this one here in Singapore and it was so much cheaper in the states that they picked it up for us and brought it over as luggage... we are so excited to use it and Pierce crawls in it all day to go for a ride.

After we had all of fun inside... Grandad took Pierce on a walk around the condo. If you look real close you can see Pierce talking on the phone... to his mommy of course.

Stay tuned for more.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My parents are coming!

These are my beautiful parents and they will be here in less than 12 hours.... we are so excited to see them and I think they will fall over when they see how big Pierce has gotten and all the things that he does now.... we are counting the minutes until they arrive.

If my post are a little more sporadic for the next three weeks you will know why... but do not fear there will be post and I am sure alot of them but maybe not every day... HE HE HE!

This picture was taken when Pierce turned one... he was holding up one finger for how old he was... our smart little boy.

My mother is a survivor of Breast Cancer and my parents run the race every year... and my mother usually wins the race.

I love my parents and I am so excited that they are coming.... YEAH!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Benefits of an Engineering Job!

They throw some crazy parties... We were invited to the Ruby Jubilee (Singapore Salvage Engineers is a Vendor to Blake's company and they were celebrating their 40th Anniversary) to sit at one of the three NOBLE (where Blake works) tables. There were about 800 people at the party and it was in the Grand Ballroom of a hotel here in Singapore... Very nice and man did we have a good time.

As we entered we were assigned seats and handed some local beer... Tiger.

Also as we entered I saw rows and rows of "funeral flowers" leading us to the main entrance... except these flowers said Congratulations... different and interesting.

These guys (plus their wives) work with Blake and I enjoyed getting to know this group... they are so much fun and we got to sit at their table. Rory, Helen, Kevin and Kerry (left to right).

Here is a picture of our MC for the night... forgot her name but she came with back up dancers. She could sing and tell jokes... but she had lots of fun games to play. She asked for a guy dancer in the audience (of 800 people) that would come and join her on stage... and I should have known that I would sit at the table with the one guy that wanted to be on stage... Go Kevin... more to come from his show.

Here is Kevin's show:

Good job on the splits.

This was his gift after the show... a present and some kisses.

There were some dancers...

And then they picked people from the audience... and once again the guy in the white shirt was from Noble... this is the Project Manager for one of the rigs.

Then an entertainer from India came on stage and asked trivia questions and did impersonations... I got an answer right about THE KING and got a "stress hard hat"... see the yellow thing on my head.

One of the last games of the night they asked for single men to come up... the guy in the blue with the black plants is Stephen (another Noble guy) and they had to race horses between their legs... Hilarious. More to come on Stephen's show.

Ready... Set... Go! I forgot to tell you but the audience (of 800 people) were given the option to bet on winning horse... of course we all bet on Stephen.

Here is Stephen's Show:

Way to go dude.

And the grand prize winner for the race was our dear friend... noble wife... Tracy... She won over $300 dollars... you go girl (remember out of 800 people).

There was alot to eat but it all kind of looked like this... Not So Sure... but I do have to admit that I ate a big plate of Jelly Fish... but at first I thought it was noodles.

For desert we had Yam Paste... I will let you decide.

All in all... this is what our table looked like all night... we were having so much fun. And we did win a table prize (I guess for being the craziest).

And this is what the table next to us looked like... watching people have so much fun.

Until next time.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Peaceful Dreams!

The other morning I had to wake Pierce up to go to school (9am) and before I did I had to savor this moment with a picture that will last a life time. Sleeping with his butt in the air and holding his Scout (stuffed animal dog named scout that he has loved since he was a baby baby).

There are something about baby feet... want to eat them.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bird Park Take 2 - with Dad!

We finally got to take Daddy to the Bird Park... we have season passes and this is one of Pierce's favorite places in Singapore.

Blake decided to support the Aggies with his apparel and Pierce wanted to support the Jungle.

We are inside the only air conditioned exhibit... the penguins... this is where Blake wanted to stay all day.
Boys and their hats.
This picture is a little blurry but I wanted you to see the ONLY job in Singapore that requires a coat...feeding the penguins.

Here is a video of Pierce watching the penguins while they were being feed... pretty cool to see them swimming under water.

This is the tallest man made waterfall in the world... pretty neat.

Never really cared for pigeons... but this one was pretty cool... a built in crown.
Pierce thought they were pretty cool too.
My two boys... oh how I love them.

Here Blake is feeding the birds at the Lory Loft... listen to how loud the birds are... they are everywhere and Blake did a good job feeding them.

One would think Pierce had to go to the restroom here... but no this is a face of excitement when he saw a bird... he loves them.

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