Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Norwegian Friends are back from Holiday!

Our good friends from Norway are back from Holiday... but when they came back they also moved out of our condo's to newer ones... we miss them being so close but we still get to hang out with them (if you remember this was the family that had the Norwegian BBQ that I blogged about... we just had another so we will blogging about that soon as well.)...

We also want to tell everyone that Henrik is walking now... He is so cute... the youngest of three and he is such a little trooper with trying to keep up with everyone and him and Pierce are buds.

When they came back to Singapore they also brought back this cute outfit for Pierce. His little nicker pants crack me... he looks so cute.
Pierce and Henrik.

As you can tell by the bruise on his forehead... he still is a little wobblie... but he has got it... YEAH... Henrik.

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Justin, Suzanne and Shelby said...

I LOVE your background...check out our blog!!! :)


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