Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just the 5 of us!

5 of us (Tracy, Neil, Steven, Blake and I) went to Sentosa Island one Saturday night to be kids again... we had such a blast. Here is the picture of the Merlion at night.

Just the 5 of us... here in Asia the common pose for locals is doing the peace sign... so as one of the "Images of Singapore" we decided to join in.

Our first stop was the Cineblast... a 4d movie ride... cost $16 dollars for 10 minutes... not worth it but it was fun.

Here we are waiting for the ride to start... it was a lumber yard in the amazon... or something like that.

Next stop was the luge ride... it was so much fun we did it twice.

Here's Tracy in her Luge mobile. In case you were wondering this was the que to get off... the ride was awesome and lots of space to go very fast and pass people (sorry I could not take a picture during the ride down... I was going to fast).

We took the lift back up to do it again. After doing the Luge we went on a ride that was like a spindle top... you sat down and it took you 50 stories in the sky for a good look... a great view but nothing compared to our anniversary night from the Equinox.

We then had dinner at a little beach bar and this is what we were blessed to see that night... a beautiful full moon.

And this cute little boy playing the sand...I was playing with my camera and thought this was a cool picture.

After dinner we headed to a smaller island that is considered the Southernmost Point of Asia... we had to take this bridge (see below) to get to it... awesome.
Don't be scared... it shook a little but I think that was bc my husband was jumping from side to side.

Here are the boys at the tip... you can't see anything bc it was so dark behind them.


SheridanLeftwich said...

You...CrAzY kids! Wishen we could come try all these fun things.

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

Fun times! Your parents are coming in 3 days, right? You are going to have to take them to see all this stuff!

Jacquie said...

That looks like so much fun! I want to come visit and be a kid again!

Rachel Kerbel said...

your adventures continue to amaze me! enoys all your experiences!

Queen of the house! said...

Girl you have entirely too much fun!!! So I too miss haging running partners...Teresa ran with me the last couple of laps that was so nice. When you get back we will have to get together and run. It is better having someone to go with...maybe I can talk you into a half marathaon?!?!?!

Queen of the house! said...

oops I meant to say having running partners....I forgot to proof read....LOL.


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