Thursday, August 14, 2008

West Coast Park!

Some of our friends live near the West Coast Park... so a couple of days ago Pierce and I headed over there to check it out... well first it was very hot and we immediately started sweating on our walk across the street and second mom (me) was very unprepared for the day... not enough sand toys to play with, not enough Kleenex's for the nose, not enough juice for the baby and no sunblock... way to go mom.

Pierce managed to have fun... the park was a blast... there was tons of playground on sand to play in... Needless to say Pierce got sand everywhere and when you are sweaty it sticks really good.

Wheres my mom?

Sweaty with pink cheeks... does it get any better... I love this little boy.


Thornton family said...

How precious! Looks like he had a fun day. He sure is all boy, isn't he?

Kris said...

Awesome pics. He's growing up. He looks so much like Blake in that last pic.


Landry Land said...

Love the last picture, so cute~

da momma said...

ahhh I can semll the sweaty lil boy right now! Isnt funny when they start smellin like that and not your clean lil baby smell.... :) He is so adorable! Got your comment about signing...theres great books out there too...Dunno if they have a half priced book store out there where you are but try that or just ask me..I can describe signs pretty good..


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