Sunday, June 30, 2013

Daddy's work party

Daddy and a couple of others put together this wonderful "Noble Family Party" for the employees here in Ulsan... a time to get together with family, have fun and say thanks.  We took about an hour and half drive through the mountains and ended up at this great hotel where we had a spot on their second floor deck.  It was a great day and fun hanging out with some of his co-workers.

Daddy was the MC... he said a quick thanks and then off to the games we went.  Blake and I came up with all the games which consisted of frozen t-shirt contest, beans in a bowl and bubble race.

I love this picture bc it shows Pierce stuffing his face while looking on at daddy with admiration.

Both boys paying close attention to daddy.

This is the frozen t-shirt contest where each contestant was handed a frozen t-shirt that was rolled very tightly and felt like a brick.  The first person to get it pried open and on their body was the winner.  All the contestants had frozen fingers at the end... was a very fun game.

This picture is of the beans in the bowl contest and it consisted of the contestants sitting on beans in a chair and having to put them in a bowl that was under their chair with no hands... fun to watch.

The picture below shows the contestants digging in a plate full of whip cream for a piece of bubble gum.  Once the gum was in the mouth the first person to blow a bubble was the winner.  Not as easy as it sounds.

After the party... we went exploring the area and Pierce founds some friends... he started an ant collection.

Then we came upon this beautiful stage which had some saxophone players... amazing.

I love this boy...
 There was a great stroll along the water... a beautiful day.
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Watch this if you need to smile...

This will make you smile... Asher was 9.5 months here and full of laughter and big'o smiles.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The crawling skill progression...

For all those grandparents and aunts/uncles that missed the progression of crawling... here are some videos in order of learning the new skill...

May 19, 2013 - Trying and wanting to move so bad... more of a survival of the fittest arm pull.

May 19, 2013 - He can now get up on all fours but still not a lot of movement and boy does he get frustrated when he does this... and yes a Balloon... shouldn't all babies have one of these to play with?

May 22, 2013 - Getting on all fours a little more and moving more... but still so curious about everything so he does not need to go far.

May 26th 2013 -  Asher is moving more and more... wobbly and the occasional face plant... but it does not slow him down.

June 13 2013 -  Let me introduce to you the more efficient way of crawling according to Asher... the one legged push crawl.  Here is our super star... he is so happy that he can move even faster now.

Hope you enjoyed the play by play... we have a crawler now and he is enjoying the freedom and usually objects to being placed in his jumper or somewhere where he is not allowed to roam freely.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pierce's first soccer tournament

We had a great day at Pierce first soccer tournament.  He was so excited and we of course had to come support him in the all day festivity that was jam packed with 4 full games.  We took a lot of pics and had a great time cheering him on.

Pierce is still learning the art of soccer (football as they say here) and many aspects of the game like staying on your feet, not touching the ball with your hands, passing, etc... but I was proud that he always knew which goal was his and which one he was suppose to shoot in (I supposedly had a hard time with that).  Our of 4 games they won some, tied one and lost one.... and ended up not placing in the tournament but they had so much fun.
I asked Pierce why he did not smile in the picture above and he said bc he wanted to look cool.

Asher came sporting Auburn colors... Aunt Juju got this for Pierce when he was this age.

Daddy anxiously awaiting their first game.

I love this boy... man he has grown up to be a big boy.

Time for warm ups...

After the first game which they lost.... the couch trying to talk to them and not sure what Pierce is doing... I love all the moms surrounding them and taking pics... we don't get many tournaments so we were all excited.

A fun day for sure... I had to leave early and give Asher a nap, hence not a lot of pics of Pierce actually playing in the game but there was a lot of running and bouncing hair.


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