Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pierce took off on only two wheels...

Today is the day that Pierce will learn to ride without training wheels... these are faces of determination.
Going over some fundamentals...

What is Asher doing you say????  Enjoying the view...

You can take a look at all the video's below to see the improvement at each go... but in between sets there was some play time which included grasshopper catching.

Here is our big boy... still a lot of practice to do... but we have officially taken off the baby wheels.

Here's attempt #1... Pierce wanted to be on the grass and not the track incase he fell (that is my fault).. and daddy was instructed to hold on to his seat (by both me and Pierce... he he he).

Here is attempt #2... not much has changed from the first time.

Here is attempt #3 - we have lift off... and this little Korean Kid that was playing with Pierce earlier (during the break) was so proud of Pierce he was jumping up and down for him... so sweet.

Atempt #4 - Daddy has to still give a push off at the start... but this time Pierce can turn the bike at the same time.

Attempt #5 - This one is the BEST a must watch.  Blake had told Pierce if he made it all the way around the track that he could get a new bike (he is a little big for this one now). So off they went half way around Pierce crashes (small one) but so tired he is left on the ground and daddy tries to finish the race for him... A great video with a SURPRISE at the end... you must see.

Monday, July 29, 2013

June iPhone dump - take 2

I don't have many pics of Cool Club this year... but I was able to get some at one of our last meetings... I really miss these COOL Kids... COOL = Children of our Lord.

Pierce has Spelling Activity every week where he has to use a spelling word and make a sentence... this one is especially Great... The word was "old"...

A fun shot from our living room... of the haze that rolled in.

Teachers gifts...

We took the "walker" for a walk... fun times on the playground by all.

My boys on the swings... 

Despite all my "grumbling" about not making Asher walk (bc I am not ready)... Daddy is persistent in teaching him how to take his first steps... here are some pics of the training in process.

Can't remember if you have seen this video yet of Asher laughing... but its a good one so here it is (again).

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

June iPhone dume - take 1

These are always so much fun for me... dumping pics... here's a little look into what we were up to in June...

Mommy and Daddy had a full body health screening (having been in this business before I was fascinate on so many levels)... it was amazing and very thorough... and I even got to wear cute little Asian flared pink scrubs.

A common morning greeting.. finding my boys bright eyed and ready to go together in Asher's bed.

Asher has really started to enjoy his little sun room... he is free to roam and play and recently realized he can stand on his knees and see the world.

This was an art piece that P brought home from school.  I just love the octopus, green beans, purple rice and crickets... does that not sound good or what?

A little outing with Esther.. and the store had a very convenient changing pad we could get both kids done at the same time.

Another art project by P...

Pierce drew me this picture and on his own he went and got this stand and placed it right by my bed... I love dinosaurs with hearts... so sweet.

Some work from P's school...showing items that are good for the environment and items that are not... check out that big bad oil boat at the top... OOPPSS

Just plain cute...

Daddy's day came and went so quickly and we got to celebrate late bc daddy was in the states... but here is something that P made for B at church.

Someone got a hold of mommy's ice cream bar...

And that is some good Korean hair... don't you think?
 There is a lot more to come... don't worry.
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Asher 11 months

Asher John at 11 months

 10.7 kg - 87th percentile (increase from previous month)
 77.5 cm in length -87th percentile (same from previous month)
 49 cm in head circumference -  99th percentile (same from previous months)

Eating - Blake and I were just saying that we think Asher would eat all day (would have to break to sleep and an occasional diaper change) long.  He loves to eat and eat anything.  He has yet to refuse anything but I am sure the day is coming.

Sleeping - The same, He still has two naps, one in the am and one in the late afternoon and then sleeps 12 hours at night.  He is a good sleeper but just like his brother he likes to be in his bed or the car seat.  He is a very social baby so if we are out in public he has to be extremely exhausted to go to sleep.  I still enjoy the occasional night feed where he will fall a sleep in my arms.  I am holding on to those moments for I know they will be over soon, every time it happens I feel like it might be my last.

Sounds - More and More sounds... still mama, Dada, bubba (sometimes) and now we are trying to get him to say ball.  He loves balls so it is only fitting.

Best Trait - This month I want to say something about Asher that I am little scared of (so not necessarily his best trait) but if he sees something he wants or if I take something away from him... he makes a really loud cry coupled with a really mad face.  At first it is kind of funny but then a little scary how fast he can switch between so happy and then really ticked off.  So not his best trait but something worth writing about.  He still loves his daddy and brother to pieces and one thing I have really enjoyed watching him do this month is when daddy smiles at him really big, Asher will smile back but them bury his chin in his shoulder like he is shy. He will also do this to people in the elevator that try to talk to him while smiling.  He bats his eye lashes and dips his chin down and looks through those long eye lashes... sweet baby.

Nick Name - Still bubbie and Asher Johnny Boy.

Firsts - Pulling up and Standing anywhere he can get to.  He pulls up on my legs, on furniture, on Pierce and more.  He is also from a crawling position putting both legs out like he is going to do a crab walk, I am afraid it is only a matter of time before he starts walking EVERYWHERE.  Asher has also learned how to say "Bye" while waiving.  He has not learned really when to say it yet bc we just do it all the time but it is so cute.  

Updates - We have 8 teeth... and oh boy does he know how to use them.  Also Asher seems to be trying to move from 2 naps to 1 nap.  Everything I read online says it is not time yet (he is too young) but I think this one is not going to require as much sleep as his brother did.  Asher definitely just hast to go with the flow but he will not sleep on the go so he just enjoys the outing and usually is really pleasant even if it is nap time.  He is very curious and loves people... seems we have another extrovert.  Oh no!

Sweet Moment:  Since he is crawling around more there are new ways to get hurt and a lot more opportunities to do so.  But the sweet part is he wants to be held by mama when he does get hurt and I love it... I mean love it.  I love how he wraps his legs around my waist and leans in for a hug.  Also in the morning when you go to get him he is just playing in his bed and I like to sneak in and when he finally sees me... I get the biggest smile.

Big Brother:  Loves him... Pierce will often want to cuddle with Asher and when he gets to he smothers him with kisses.  If Asher is on the ground, Pierce is on the ground.. if Asher is in his bed playing, Pierce is in his bed playing with him, etc.  A sweet moment was I was feeding Asher some eggs the other day and brother came up to say how cute Asher was (which is an common statement around here) and Asher reached out with a fist full of eggs and fed it to Pierce.  Pierce did not know what to do so I said eat it, which he did and Asher loved it so he kept doing it over and over again.  Pierce then said "Good job brother, you are learning to share"

Memorable moment:  A sweet moment was I was feeding Asher some eggs the other day and brother came up to say how cute Asher was (which is an common statement around here) and Asher reached out with a fist full of eggs and fed it to Pierce.  Pierce did not know what to do so I said eat it, which he did and Asher loved it so he kept doing it over and over again.  Pierce then said "Good job brother, you are learning to share"

Here are some pics of Asher at 11 mos...


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