Saturday, July 6, 2013

More favorites...

I told you so... here are more favorites... more favorite moments for sure.

These brothers were made for each other... I asked Pierce just the other day what did we ever do without Asher... he said "I don't know".

Ready for another hike... it takes a lot of bags to get out of the house but so worth it.... sorry honey.

Aunt JuJu to the rescue AGAIN... Asher grew out of the bumbo and this mini bathtub is excellent... he loves it.

More lovin...

Sweet baby bubbie wearing big brothers clothes... he looks just like Pierce to me.

International Day at HFS... a fun day where the moms brought a home cuisine and shared the kids and staff... Us Americans brought Macaroni and Cheese (in little containers), mud pie cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies.

Pierce was enjoying the Aussie table with his teacher.

This past month was Sara May's birthday... on her birthday I was finally able to read the pages in her Journal that she wrote to me.  My sweet Sara, oh how I miss you.

These moments are slowly fading away.. when he falls a sleep in my arms... but when he does I hold him just a bit longer each time before putting him in his bed.

During Korean class one day Pierce made these... not sure what they are called but one is me, one is Asher and one is Pierce... can you guess who is who?  I asked again where is Daddy and Pierce said " the teacher would only let me make three and Daddy does not like seaweed anyways" :-)

After studying International week all week at school... Pierce loved coming home and showing me all the things that they learned.  At school they got extra points for putting the correct animal  on its place of origin... we were studying here.

The bathtub is also a pool... oh fun fun fun fun.

A momentous occasion... when ViVi and GD came in August last year they brought Pierce's favorite powdered donuts.  The last bag has been sitting in the freezer and we occasionally get one or two out and enjoy them... well here you have it... the last one... yummy to the last bite.

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