Monday, July 29, 2013

June iPhone dump - take 2

I don't have many pics of Cool Club this year... but I was able to get some at one of our last meetings... I really miss these COOL Kids... COOL = Children of our Lord.

Pierce has Spelling Activity every week where he has to use a spelling word and make a sentence... this one is especially Great... The word was "old"...

A fun shot from our living room... of the haze that rolled in.

Teachers gifts...

We took the "walker" for a walk... fun times on the playground by all.

My boys on the swings... 

Despite all my "grumbling" about not making Asher walk (bc I am not ready)... Daddy is persistent in teaching him how to take his first steps... here are some pics of the training in process.

Can't remember if you have seen this video yet of Asher laughing... but its a good one so here it is (again).

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