Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 12 - Day 14... have I really missed this many days?

Sunday we woke up and Great Mama, Blake, Pierce and I went to church (it was a great service and the worship was awesome)... we came back home for a quick lunch and then we put Great Mama in a taxi to meet up with ViVi and Grandad for a stroll in the Botanical Gardens. While at the Botanical gardens they stopped off at the beautiful Orchid Gardens... Great Mama loved it.
Look how beautiful... the flowers and Great Mama!

This weekend we did alot of relaxing... so we stayed in the condo alot and alot of our afternoons (after nap time) and evenings are spent in this 900 sq. ft. condo...we are tight but we are having fun.

Pierce got ahold of the camera again...

After church on Sunday... Pierce wanted to take a nap on the floor using his balloon as the pillow... there has to be something dangerous about this?

We have waited on alot of buses.. here we are waiting for bus 7 for orchard rd.

On the bus... Pierce just loves riding the BIG bus (aka public bus) and he really likes to go on the second floor.

Another bus ride... Pierce loves to sit on this thing... not sure what it is or if it is even a seat but he loves it.
Monday we went to ViVo City (shopping) and today we went back to Orchard Rd to get Great Mama's hair done again and for more shopping... we have really hit the shopping malls on this trip... Blake is ready for me to stop shopping... HE HE HE. We were so busy shopping we did not take any pics... so sorry... tonight we are having dinner at the house bc tomorrow will be a big day... stay tuned... tomorrow is the last full day for our company.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day and Night 11 - A busy one...

Saturday started off with us leaving Great Mama at home to keep her feet up while the rest of us (excluding Blake since he was at work) went to Holland Village for some shopping. Grandad was in charge of Pierce, so ViVi and I could do some damage... lets just say we left a mark.

After shopping, Pierce and I came back home to meet up with Great Mama and Daddy and while most people were taking naps... I snapped a shot of a funeral that was taking place across the street... they held the service in a house and then the tradition for Asians is to load the casket in a see through van and have the family and friends walk behind the vehicle while placing a hand on the car... A walk to honor the dead.

After we all had our rest... Cena came to play with Pierce and the adults headed to Robinson Quay for dinner... we were blessed with a sneak peek at the rehearsal show for the National Day here in Singapore. Here is the pic of a fly over with the Singapore flag...

Also at this time... the River Festival is taking place..we got to see this cool boat docked for a rest... pretty interesting.

After dinner we headed to Clark Quay to wait for our 10pm reservation at the Grand Ballini (do you remember our New Years celebration.... we love this place and had to take everyone there). While we were waiting we saw a Martini Grand Prix Contest taking place...

And we watch the kite show... these are coolest things... I could not get a good shot of them in the sky bc they go so fast but a must see here in Singapore.

Our next (and last) stop of the night was Grand Ballini... we meet our friend Geoffrey there to watch the band. We had forgotten about the dress code for men... luckily they had on long pants but you are suppose to wear closed toed shoes... so the guys had to buy socks and then wear them with their shoes... I of course had to get a shot of this embarrassing moment.

Here are the guys waiting for the show...

Of course us ladies had to sit on the red couch... I have to get one of these... :-) We could not get Geoffrey in the pic bc he was talking to the waiter.

How to wear your flip flops in Asia... nice Blake!
We got home a little after midnight (we would like to blame it on Great Mama in having to get home at a descent time but I think we were all tired)... we all sleep like a baby.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet Freeze and Jumper!

Meet Freeze (the girl) and Jumper (the boy)... Pierce's new turtles... thanks to ViVi and Grandad we are the proud owners of dirty water, another task in the morning to feed mouths, another thing to clean, but after seeing the joy that these two little turtles bring Pierce... it is worth it... we love them already. Pierce wants to hold them all the time (so hopefully they will live a long life).

Here is Pierce opening his present... he had no idea what it was at first... but as soon as he figured it out... he was so excited... you have got to see the video below.

Holding the turtles... this is where the boy got his name "Jumper" bc he took a flying leap out of my hands.

There new home.... not sure if you can see it be we have fish as well... Dad and I just bought Pierce some fish right before everyone got here... we had no idea he was getting Turtles... ViVi and Grandad bought all the fixings back in America brought them here with them and then bought the turtles here. They had intended on getting fish but when they saw that we had fish already they made the necessary adjustments.

He wanted to take a pic with his new turtles... he looks mad in this pic but he was really mesmerized by them... they were in his room for a night but it was to cold in there so they are now next door neighbors to the fish.

Another new talent Pierce has is taking pictures... he gets my big Canon Power shot and takes pics like a pro... here is one of his shots of Vivi and Great Mama.

Here is proof that Pierce is taking the pics... a little fuzzy, ViVi so proud so she is taking pics of Pierce taking pics, Great Mama's eyes are closed and all three adults in the room are present in the picture.

Another shot from Pierce... I was changing his diaper and this was his view from below...

Here is the video of Pierce when he got his Turtles... Grandad was not able to be here when Freeze and Jumper were revealed so this video is for him.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 10 - taking it easy!

Day 10 - the day of rest... We woke up this morning and headed to Suntec City Mall on a bus (which took about an hour)... we were hoping to get on the Duck Tour (not to see ducks but it is half car half boat and it takes you to see the marina area)... we got there and the next available seat was in 2 hours... we could not wait... we were all a little tired so we headed back to the condo for lunch and quiet time... Tonight we will probably take it easy again bc Saturday night we have a big night planned... stay tuned.

One of Pierce's presents from ViVi and Grandad were these lizards... he has to sleep with them and one morning I went to wake him and this is what I found... I had to take a picture.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Villa Bali and Day 9 at the Jurong Bird Park!

Another great night... probably one of the best in my books for many reasons. Last night left Pierce at home with Cena and headed to one of our favorite places in Singapore.... Villa Bali in Gillman village... if you have been watching the blog for some time you have seen that we take all of our visitors here and they ALL love it. Grandad had to go to Hong Kong for business so he missed out but we might have to go again when he gets back. This restaurant serves Balinese, Thai, Indian and Western cuisine and everything I have had was GREAT.... we are really showing Grandma new kinds of food and I know she is enjoying her self but she will be excited to get back home to have some Long John Silvers... :-)

Last night was a great night.... and one of the best things that I got to do last night was have Q&A time with Grandma... I asked lots of question about her past, her relationship with Grandpa, being a mom, my mom and aunts and uncle and more... I learned so much about my Grandma that I never knew before... I mean really who gets to spend 2.5 weeks with their grandparents... what a blessing this time is with her... She had so many fantastic stories about Grandpa, her as a teenager, my mom, etc... that I told her that she should write a book for her family... she has 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren... we would all be blessed by this book... hopefully she will write it all down one day.

Here were our appetizers... all Indian food... Naan Bread with Cheese and Garlic (the best ever) and some cucumber pepper salad thingy... the name was too long to remember... but it was good.

The next morning we woke up and headed to the Jurong Bird Park... Pierce was so excited he was beaming... can you tell?

After we got our complimentary wheel chair for Great Mama... we all headed to the first air conditioned exhibit... the Penguins... this is always our first and last stop... to cool off.
Reminds me of the movie... Happy Feet... do you agree????

Next stop the Flamingo's (or Famingooooo's as Pierce would say).

Then "the Birds of Prey" show... always a great show... bc birds are everywhere and fly right by your head.

Then we made our way to the next show... "Birds and Buddies"... another great one.

Pierce wanted to sit in Great Mama's lap... of course my mom was the first one to grab the camera and take a pic.

Here Pierce is having a convo with this bird... I asked him to stand by the bird to take a pic and he did but he was soon telling the bird to go to the other side where the other birds of his kind were... so cute...

We had to go through alot of these chain link doors (that keep the birds inside the cages) and it was always a feat to get Great Mama through in her wheelchair...she was so tickled every time.

Our last stop to feed the Lorikeets at the Lori Loft... what great fun.

Check out that bird... God is so good to us....

One landed on Great Mama's head and Pierce thought it was the coolest thing...

And then on landed on his head... he did not think it was so cool and quickly shooed it away... I could not get a pic in time but you get the idea.
Everyone is having quiet time now and then we are headed to a shopping fair this afternoon and then staying home for dinner... we need to put our feet up... and REST.
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 8 on Arab Street!

Today is Wed., Day 8... we started the day dropping Pierce at school for water day and then ViVi, GM and I headed to Arab street to buy some goodies... we took the MRT... this was GM first time on the MRT here, sitting in her prime spot.... reserved seating.

Here are the girls at Arab Street... I told them to act silly and this is what I got... but cute.

And then the shopping began... was not to long before an Indian man had us in his shop going through boxes of shaws...

More shopping... and I tried on that black dress hanging on the right... loved it, loved it, loved it... but a little tooooooo short.

We were trying to pick up the globe ontop of the mosque but we were alittle off...

Just a good taste of what Arab street looks like.

Back waiting for the MRT with all our bags... did we get you something??? I guess you will have to wait and see...
Tonight we are headed to Villa Bali restaurant for some Balinese, Thai, Indian food....
If you are wondering why you are getting a play by play of our days... it is bc we have lots of family back home waiting to see what Grandma and ViVi are up to... thanks for hanging with us.

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