Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kota Kinabalu - Day 2

Pierce woke up around 8am but Daddy and Mama were still wanting to be lazy... Daddy still did not feel well so Pierce climbed in bed and cuddled with daddy and ate an apple.

After breakfast we headed to the beach again. Pierce found a shovel and they soon became best friends.

Sand Sliding...

Not sure if you can see them... But Pierce stopped in his tracts as soon as he saw the AV's.

Here is Pierce trying to play soccer... we just were playing volleyball so he was confused about picking it up or keeping it on the ground... the cute thing about this video is how he says No... it is really drawn out and nasally.

After the beach, some pool time and a nap we all got cleaned up and headed to the Kid's Club. next door they have a small Nature Reserve with lots of animals. We had to take a picture of the goat standing on the turtle... wonder how they figured this out.

Look how big our little boy is.

Sunset for Day 2.
Day 3 just around the corner.


Melanie said...

Looks so beautiful there! And Pierce is so precious :-)

The Westcott's said...

The goat standing on the turtle is funny! I hope Blake enjoyed the trip even though he didn't feel good. Pierce looks like he's having sooo much fun!

The Woodard Family said...

I love the sunset picture!

Jordan said...

Hope you had a fun vacation!! Is Blake feeling better. What a stinky time to get sick. Pierce is growing up so fast!

Grantham said...

I love the pit hair on BD!


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