Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday Night... night on the town with Great Mama!

Saturday night was a big night... I think we all had a little quiet time during the afternoon to get ready to stay up late (even Great Mama stayed up until midnight)... we had so much.
We started off the night at the New Asia bar on the 71st floor of the Swissotel in Singapore... it is the best view you will get of Singapore...(why didn't someone fix my hair before this pic... terrible... Farrah Fawcet here I come).
Here Great Mama is capturing the moment...
While we were sitting and chatting we saw our friends Matt and Laura walk through the door... this island has alot of people but at times it feels like a small world... especially when you run into friends... they joined us for a drink.
A good look at the city and marina.
Here is a hazy shot (very cloudy evening) of the integrated resort that is being built on the marina... it is huge.

A great night shot of Clark Quay... were we are headed to next for dinner.

We had dinner at the Coffee Connoisseur at Clark Quay... they have some great salmon dishes... and the view is spectacular... we were even lucky enough to see the National Day Fire Work display rehearsal... great timing.

After dinner we had some Turkish Ice cream... this guy really puts on a show and has become a very popular place to take video and pics... Not sure what is in the ice cream but it taste like a mixture between marshmallows, taffy and ice cream... so good.

After dinner we jumped on these bikes and headed to Chijmes for a little dancing...

Once we got to Chijmes we saw this sitting outside the chapel... I guess there was a wedding inside... but check this car out... you rarely see old classics in Singapore.

After dinner we had to do some dancing... Here is the gang at Le Baroque (my favorite little spot in Chijmes).

Me and Great Mama... she was such a sport... when the band came on she took out her hearing aides... and later on you will see she even joined me on the dance floor.

I can never get Blake on the dance floor so this is the best I could get... middle school style....

There were some lady boys at the club and they were dancing not so nice... so here is ViVi covering up Great Mama's eyes... no peeking.

ViVi loves to dance and we got Great Mama to join us... but we just swayed to the music... we did not get to crazy. Check out the video below.

More dancing... is she a trooper or what?

I did have a dance partner to join me for some salsa dancing.. Jeff, Grandad's coworker is a great dancer and loves to dance... you can't tell it by the picture but Jeff was dancing circles around me... He is about to move here and I can't wait to get his wife and him back to Le Baroque... oh what fun.

Just in case you didn't believe me... here is 3 generations 'swaying' to the music...

We had a great night.

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Jordan said...

Y'all are too cute!! What a fun visit!

Clay Starr said...
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Lisa said...

Meant to post that first comment from me - sorry! What a great memory! You look beautiful and it looks like you guys had a great time.

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Oh so fun! I'm glad you guys are getting to go out and enjoy Singapore together!

Corrie said...

Fun fun fun! Love the middle school dancing picture of you and Blake -- hilarious! Did your mom have you when she was 12 or what?

da momma said...

yall are some pretty ladies!

Jeramy, Terrie, and Eli said...

It looks like you all had a great time!


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