Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kota Kinabalu - Day 3, Part 1

The morning of our third day in Malaysia... Blake woke up feeling a little better but still had a major headache but we all managed to get going and head to the Nature Reserve to see the Orang Utan's that were roaming freely at the resort. After a short video, applying lots of bug spray we started on our 10 minute journey into the jungle. Pierce soon got tired bc of the incline so I had to carry him the rest of the way. We soon made it to the platform and could not believe what we were seeing... check it out below.
Look how big Pierce looks with me holding him.
On of the tricks was we had to be very quiet on the trail so we would not scare the Orang Utans away... this is Pierce getting excited and Daddy trying to tell him "shhhh" with a big smile bc Pierce was being so cute.

This is what we saw... Baby Orang Utan's in a very natural environment eating like 30 feet away from us... it was amazing.

Then they decided to put on a show... so cute.

It was really hot and Pierce was getting a little testy (I think bc he could not get closer to the monkeys) but here Pierce is showing me where they are... over there mama.

Our trek back down... my two little men... oh how I love them and hope that Pierce grows up to be just like his daddy.

After our tour we headed to the pool to cool off... here is Blake just sitting in the pee pee water (far left side) at the base of the slide... poor guy I think he was doing all he could do just not to miss out on another minute of his vacation.

Pierce was being a little testy... grabbing ahold of children and not letting go (wanting to play)... and not listening to daddy... so while I was perched on my lounge chair I had to take a picture of Daddy having a little chat with Pierce and Pierce looking for mama for a rescue route.

Here is some of that "attitude" caught on video... wonder where he got this from? If you ask my parents they will say me but if you ask Blake they will say him... maybe Pierce is ours after all.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of Day 3... we did alot on this day... our last full day in Malaysia.


Michelle and Gary said...

Camille- Kota Kinabalu looks so amazing! What a wonderful experience. Despite Blake not feeling well it look like you guys had a good time. Pierce= absolutely adorable. What a blessing!

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

How fun - that is so cool that you got to see the monkeys so close! Poor Blake, hopefully he'll feel better soon - what a trooper!

Corrie said...

Oh man -- I'm so jealous that you get to spend time in such a beautiful place and see such awesome sights. Poor Blake!


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