Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ladies Tea at IBC!

The Ladies Tea at IBC is always so much fun... a great time of fellowship with other ladies, the men get to serve and oh yeah the best part the tables. Women are encouraged to sponsor a table by decorating it and getting it ready for the big day... I have been a part of this even for 3 years now and with my good friend Gillian's help this year... this is one I will always remember. We sure did have fun setting this table.. different and fresh.

Now I can not take the credit for the design bc one night I googled "awesome table settings" and this lady in the states had blogged about her thanksgiving dinner with her family and how she decorated it.. she used white candles, artichokes, asparagus and pumpkins... it was beautiful... so we had a Vegetable Garden table... see below.
Banana leaves for the place mat and a single asparagus added to our napkin...
Lady fingers are really cheap here and made a great center piece... also we took brussel sprouts and used a straight pen to stick them into the candle.

We tied green beans to the back of the chair and also used asparagus to wrap the candles.

Gillian and I found these topiary balls on Arab street that made a good chandelier affect.

Here are some of the other tables... there are some talented people in Singapore...

My best friend and co-table decorate Gillian... your the best girl.

Our table guest for a great morning sipping on tea...

JuJu is here...

JuJu arrived early morning on Thursday and soon after Pierce woke up... and yes JuJu was the best medicine ever... he was good as new and ready for a full day filled with love from JuJu... We had fun getting lots of hugs and getting caught up on life. Pierce stayed home from school bc he had a fever the day before and there is no way he could leave his JuJu now...
We had a fun time looking at all the goodies that JuJu brought...

So cute... loved trying on his new clothes... even got some army underwear (no pics of that sorry :-)).
We even got this cool contraption that makes cool popsicles in 9 minutes... so we had to try it out... anything liquid that does not have bubbles can make a great popsicle even fruit, candy and oats... oh boy what fun....this one that Pierce is eating is made out of cranberry juice and fresh raspberries. Yummy.

This first full day is always a bit tricky for visitors and JuJu has really already seen everything here in Singapore so the first day we choose to go to the Singapore Zoo.. to keep JuJu walking and awake and it truly is Pierce's favorite place to be in Singapore.
Today has been filled with lot of laughs and fun.. Daddy is home from work and we decided to go a treasure hunt (Geo-caching) in Singapore we are 0 for 2.. so no pics but we sure did laugh alot... and everyone is taking a nap now... more soon..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

15 hours and counting... JuJu will be here.

We have been waiting for this day for a long time... Aunt JuJu is coming back to Singapore... Pierce put on his calendar about a month ago JuJu's name and his house on the 18th of May for when JuJu arrives (really the morning of the 19th but who would dare correct the calendar after this sweet drawing).

We have been waking up every morning to cross off the day and counting down... Yesterday morning Pierce woke up so excited to see we only had one more day. This morning I woke up anxious to see how excited he was going to be this morning... and this is what I saw...

Pierce is sick... running a low fever but very lethargic and has not moved off the couch all morning... oh no... we are trying to get him well so when JUJU gets here she can see the excited boy that he has been all month... what a bad time to get sick but I am sure JuJu will be the best dose of any medicine we can find.

We just realized that the last time JUJU was here was in 2009... seems so long ago.. and Pierce was so little... we will have so much fun and so much to do... you will see us again I am sure.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh to be in his head...

Oh how sometimes I wish I could be in this little boys head... these are just random pics I have of him at home.. and the places he winds up sometimes or the things that I catch him doing... The first picture is of Pierce finding out that mom just bought an ANTIQUE Chinese baby walker and he thought it was for him. The second was his playing in his room but he was talking to himself and this is how I found him and the last one was one day I walk in the living room and this is how he was sitting protected from the rain inside... never a dull moment.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ICS Field Trip to Orchid Garden!

Well we got to experience our first field trip as mom and son... and oh boy did we have fun... some sweat but a lot of fun. We got to take a big bus with the rest of the kids to Singapore Orchid Gardens... and Pierce yelled from the bus while waiting on me to get on board "Mom will you sit with me"... I have never felt more proud... "of course I will sit with you"... I will hold on to these moments for as long as I can bc I am sure when he is 12 he will ask me to sit in the back of the bus :-).

We had a blast with his friends and his teacher... Pierce has been to the Orchid Gardens before and was leading the way (this is Great Mama's favorite place in Singapore he would say).

Here is a pic on the bus... so happy and ready for a great day with mom.

These were my 2 boys... that I was in charge of... hold hands and stay together please.

A great day with friends... and smelling the flowers.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Singapore Army Museum!

As you have seen from previous post... Pierce loves ARMY stuff... he can set up Army men and tanks all day... when we found out that the Singapore Army had a museum... He was ecstatic... and we had to go... so here we are at the museum. They would not let us take any pics inside and about 40% of the museum was appropriate for a 4 year old but we still had a great time. The best was the 4-D show of ARMY men, tanks that fired and helicopters that flew overhead... we were the only ones in the museum so we had the run of the place. Here we are outside with all the boats, tanks and cars.. this was one happy boy.


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