Wednesday, May 18, 2011

15 hours and counting... JuJu will be here.

We have been waiting for this day for a long time... Aunt JuJu is coming back to Singapore... Pierce put on his calendar about a month ago JuJu's name and his house on the 18th of May for when JuJu arrives (really the morning of the 19th but who would dare correct the calendar after this sweet drawing).

We have been waking up every morning to cross off the day and counting down... Yesterday morning Pierce woke up so excited to see we only had one more day. This morning I woke up anxious to see how excited he was going to be this morning... and this is what I saw...

Pierce is sick... running a low fever but very lethargic and has not moved off the couch all morning... oh no... we are trying to get him well so when JUJU gets here she can see the excited boy that he has been all month... what a bad time to get sick but I am sure JuJu will be the best dose of any medicine we can find.

We just realized that the last time JUJU was here was in 2009... seems so long ago.. and Pierce was so little... we will have so much fun and so much to do... you will see us again I am sure.


Denton Family said...

Aunt JuJu has been just as excited as's been very cute.

Elysse said...

Have so much fun!!! I hope Pierce gets better soon. Love to you all.


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