Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank You Grandma and Grandpa!

We had such a good time and will remember Christmas 2008 forever. Thanks for coming all this way to see us, for all the love, for all the gifts and for all the memories. We will see you next year (:-)). We love you!

An eventful last day with The Dentons!

We are so sad to see The Dentons head back to Texas but we sure did have a great packed filled last day in Singapore.

Pierce went to school and we headed to Sentosa on the Sky Ride (like a gondola)... we had a great view from Mount Faber.
Once we arrived in Sentosa we took the chair lift to the beach and headed to the Fish Reflexology.... Hal was a little skeptical at first but I think he ended up having a blast.
Thanks to the "Doctor Fish" we now have soft feet.
Then we headed to the luge ride (Blake was at work and this is his favorite ride so he was very sad but we had a good time). We had lunch, drinks and walked alot.... we headed home around 3pm.

Pierce was a wake from his nap when we got back and we headed to the pool... although we all wanted to take a nap this was the last time that Grandma and Grandpa would be with Pierce until the end of Jan.

He lost his ball in the shrubbery... and I thought this was a cute picture... so sad.

We went to Villa Bali for Dinner... both Janet and Hal said this was their favorite restaurant the entire visit. Good food and great atmosphere.

After dinner we headed to the Night Safari... another great day... I am tired are you?

More Fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

Dinner at Margarita's (Blake's favorite Mexican food rest. here in Singapore)

Pierce really loves cheese... can you tell?


Pool time... wow Grandpa that was high!!!!!

Does anyone want some Chili Crab (a famous dish here). We were on Boat Quay at our favorite restaurant with Jimmy (you remember this Lisa and Julie?)

Some fun at the park... waiting on Daddy to come home from work.

Pierce was having so much fun head butting this kid in his belly.

Grandma got her eye brows threaded for the first time... ouch but they look good.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Saturday night with The Dentons!

Saturday night was a busy one but oh so good... we had so much fun and follow the story below to see all that we did... Pierce was with the babysitter and we were off to see the city. Our first stop was drinks at Stamford Hotel (the tallest hotel in Asia) for the great view.

Here are just a couple of the shots that Hal took from the 76 floor.
This is a really cool picture and a once a year shot...bc the little white balloons you see in the water are there for New Year's. Locals write their new years resolution and/or wish on the balloon and they float them in the marina for the New Years celebration... a pretty cool tradition... I did not get to put my resolution on their bc I did not know about it until they were already in the marina... maybe next year.
We waited until sunset and then headed to our next adventure... this was a great shot.
On our way out Janet and I got a pic in front of their Christmas tree.
Our next stop Clark Quay for dinner... Our friends Stephen and Elenora joined us for the rest of the night. We ate Thai food and still continued to have a great time.

We had to get a pic of Janet in the "hot seat" at THE CLINIC.
We saw this cute little Asian lady take a similar pic to this one with the lion head... and we were hoping to pull off the same cuteness.. what do you think?
Then we took a ride on the bike carriages to Chijmes to dance the night away.

This was us in traffic... a little scary.

And this was the car we got to sit behind at the light... there are worse cars to sit behind when riding a bike... at least he got out of our way.
We were trailing behind... and our little guy was sweating but we all made it Chijmes safe and sound. The tall building the background was the Stamford Hotel we were in earlier that night.

We made it... so pretty.
Our friends Geoffrey and Rita joined us for dancing... another great night with some good friends and family.
Can you tell how sweaty I was... I love to dance.


I have no other words than.... please pray for our dear friend and brother in Christ Brad.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

CHRISTmas day the Singapore way!

For Christmas dinner we grilled out at the condo. Since most of the restaurants were closed for the holiday we stayed in... I am so glad that we did bc we got to celebrate at home and with family and friends. We invited Jane and her family (some neighbors from Denmark) and Annette and her family (some old neighbors from Norway) and Stan (neighbor from USA). Janet brought these reindeer antlers... aren't they cute?

We made a birthday cake for Jesus... it was good.
Here is everyone getting ready.

Right before we went downstairs Pierce was still opening presents and he opened his remote control boat... so of course we had to go down stairs and play with it... he had a blast.

We put Hal in charge of the grilling.

After we ate I could not find Pierce... I looked around and he was sitting at the other grill with another family (that I did not know).... it was hysterical... he was very content sitting there while they feed him their food....
Look at all these ladies reaching out to feed him and they had already given him this cup of crackers to eat.

Sorry the picture is blurry but I had to share... this face.

Then they were giving him these jelly shot things (no alcohol but similar to jello in a small container).

Merry CHRISTmas.... we had so much fun.

Grandma still loves her PD Bird... but she did find another boy to love on... August he is so cute.

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