Friday, December 19, 2008

Dinner with Neil (we missed you Tracy)!

Our good friend Neil and Tracy Hunt are some friends here from Canada. Neil works with Blake and they just adore Pierce so that always makes for a good friendship. Tracy went back home to Canada for Christmas so we had Neil over for dinner to make sure he was eating good. We had a great dinner and like usual Neil came bearing gifts.

One of our last dinners on our cracked table... we get a new one on Saturday. Did you notice who is sitting at the head. Pierce and I... go figure. Pierce is sitting at the other end bc it is the only side of the table that does not have a crack and he can still see his movie and I am sitting at the other side of the table bc it has the worst crack and I figure if the table comes crashing down on us it better be me than him.

Neil and Tracy are always giving Pierce presents (which he loves... just like his mother) and here he is opening some movies and books and puzzles.

Pierce loves the bird park in Singapore (you have seen lots of pictures there) and Tracy found this local author who makes children books about a girl named Sasha who visits places in Singapore. This book is "Sasha visits the Bird Park". He loves it and I still have to read it to him every night... Good job Tracy.

Then we move to the couch to play with the puzzle... another good one.

And while busy with the puzzle we had to plug in the movie... do you think they liked the movie... look at all three of them.

I had to share this picture bc the shirt Pierce is wearing was another gift from the Hunts awhile back. They are from Newfoundland, Canada and brought a shirt and hat for him the last time they went home. We wore the shirt in honor of Tracy who we missed having dinner with. Thank you both for your many gifts, especially your friendship while we are both in Singapore.

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Jacquie Von Hohn said...

how wonderful to have such good friends there - so fun!


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