Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Party at the YWCA School!

Pierce and I made Christmas presents for all of his class mates... and here are a couple of pictures at the celebration last week. The above pic is of some of this classmates and his teacher Mrs. Lee. (In case you could not notice Pierce is the white one without a uniform).

Pierce of course had to help pass out the presents to his friends. (Another teacher was taking all the packages while mom was out shopping so that is why all the pictures are blurry... sorry).

I of course had to wrap all the presents so there was a big mess afterwards.

He looks a little disappointed in his present... what do you think?

What a hilarious picture to me....kicked back reading the book to his friends. There has been some frustration at the school with some of the teachers and parents saying that Pierce gets a lot of attention bc he is the only "white" kid...I talked with the teacher and we both agree that it has nothing to do with his ethnicity it is just his personality...he is very charismatic, energetic, never meets a stranger, hugs on everyone, always smiling and talking gibberish... I said to the teacher(and Blake) I think that no matter what school he went to Pierce was destined to be the "class favorite" or the "class clown"... what do you think?


Jacquie Von Hohn said...

That last picture is classic! He's so cute - what a little ham. So why isn't he wearing a uniform?

The Westcott Family said...

I just think it's because he's so good looking.

Jones Family said...

I agree! I'm going for class favorite...or Prom King with those studly good looks!


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