Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An eventful last day with The Dentons!

We are so sad to see The Dentons head back to Texas but we sure did have a great packed filled last day in Singapore.

Pierce went to school and we headed to Sentosa on the Sky Ride (like a gondola)... we had a great view from Mount Faber.
Once we arrived in Sentosa we took the chair lift to the beach and headed to the Fish Reflexology.... Hal was a little skeptical at first but I think he ended up having a blast.
Thanks to the "Doctor Fish" we now have soft feet.
Then we headed to the luge ride (Blake was at work and this is his favorite ride so he was very sad but we had a good time). We had lunch, drinks and walked alot.... we headed home around 3pm.

Pierce was a wake from his nap when we got back and we headed to the pool... although we all wanted to take a nap this was the last time that Grandma and Grandpa would be with Pierce until the end of Jan.

He lost his ball in the shrubbery... and I thought this was a cute picture... so sad.

We went to Villa Bali for Dinner... both Janet and Hal said this was their favorite restaurant the entire visit. Good food and great atmosphere.

After dinner we headed to the Night Safari... another great day... I am tired are you?

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The Westcott Family said...

Your exciting days always tire me! All you do is eat and play (or so it seems). I'm glad you're having fun and staying busy with company.


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