Sunday, December 28, 2008

CHRISTmas day the Singapore way!

For Christmas dinner we grilled out at the condo. Since most of the restaurants were closed for the holiday we stayed in... I am so glad that we did bc we got to celebrate at home and with family and friends. We invited Jane and her family (some neighbors from Denmark) and Annette and her family (some old neighbors from Norway) and Stan (neighbor from USA). Janet brought these reindeer antlers... aren't they cute?

We made a birthday cake for Jesus... it was good.
Here is everyone getting ready.

Right before we went downstairs Pierce was still opening presents and he opened his remote control boat... so of course we had to go down stairs and play with it... he had a blast.

We put Hal in charge of the grilling.

After we ate I could not find Pierce... I looked around and he was sitting at the other grill with another family (that I did not know).... it was hysterical... he was very content sitting there while they feed him their food....
Look at all these ladies reaching out to feed him and they had already given him this cup of crackers to eat.

Sorry the picture is blurry but I had to share... this face.

Then they were giving him these jelly shot things (no alcohol but similar to jello in a small container).

Merry CHRISTmas.... we had so much fun.

Grandma still loves her PD Bird... but she did find another boy to love on... August he is so cute.

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August, Alberte, Anne-Sofie, Jane & Martin said...

Hi Camille
Thanks for a great christmas party and for your your comment on our blog. This is an autotranslated version of the page - it is not really good - but with a bit of fantasy you may understand most of it. All the best, Martin :-)


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