Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun with ViVi and Grandad!

We finally touched down in Fort Worth to see ViVi and Grandad... this will complete seeing all of our immediate family and we are so excited to be here... It is such beautiful weather here in FTW so we had to rush outside and play in the water.

First we had to give ViVi some hugs and kisses...
This past weekend I had gone to Target for the third time and found this buzz light year water slide for $11 can you believe it... I am still talking about what a deal this is... This would have been $500 in Singapore for sure... $11 well spent for sure... look at these priceless smiles.
Pierce just was not getting the hang of the running, jumping, sliding... so with a little soap Grandad showed him how to do it... yeah.
After the slide we jumped into the pool... oh how fun.
Pierce will be hanging out with ViVi and Grandad all week while mom and dad go to Maui... stay tuned for more fun in FTW with ViVi and GD... see you in a week.

Family time...

We had a great Sunday with family... first church with GM and GP and then after nap we headed to Nana's for more fun... Nana always has a load of toys and DVD's for us to play with.. Pierce ran straight to the bed to watch his alphabet DVD with Nana.
After dinner... Pierce with Nana's help had to get some sorbet.

Uncle Keith and Aunt Elly joined us for the fun... it always so much fun to get loved on by them... People always say that Pierce looks more like their kid than ours... I think they are right...

Boys will be boys... Uncle Keith is always really good at getting Pierce all wired up... we love it... bc it wears Pierce out...

More fun and more laughs...

A great Sunday... thank you Nana, Mr. Tim, Aunt Elly and Uncle Keith for a great day.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

GM and GP weekend to remember!


We arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Dallas on Friday... and as we pulled into the drive way this is what we saw...

After hugs and filling our hands with luggage we walked inside to this...

What a special welcoming... we just love GM and GP.

GP soon realized the love that Pierce has for jets and so we quickly popped in the TOP GUN movie to show him the first jet scene... he was instantly in love... he now says "i love this song".

After jets GP took him for a ride in his car with the top down... the car seat fits and they are off...

After they got back... we had a scavenger hunt for some new toys. GP and GM would give him an envelope and then he had to find the treasure based on the photo hint... he had so much fun finding his new toys.

Saturday night we headed to Addison, TX for a concert in the park... first we played in the water... oh how much fun.

My handsome prince... he rarely allows me to take pics of him... why I ask? Yum Yum.

Here Pierce is pouting for some reason... I just thought it was so precious.

Back playing and splashing in the water.

The jazz concert was great and a great place for families and fun... we had a blast.

Pierce did such a great job... he stayed on the blanket the whole time and played with his toys and just enjoyed being there.

We had a late night but it was worth it... we wish we were going to be around for next weekend to do it again... but we always have next year...

We are headed to Nana's tonight and then off to FTW tomorrow... more adventures to come.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Texas soil... yeah!


After 30 hours (from door in Singapore to door in Texas) we finally getting settled in here in Texas. What a trip... Pierce did great especially on the 16 hour flight from Dubai to Houston... he was doing alot better than me :-). He slept alot and watched alot of movies... (some of you are cringing at the idea of watching alot of movies but when you are on a plane for 16 hours you got to do what you got to do... we are better off that way).

When we landed in Dubai Pierce is still in his PJ's since we woke him at 11am to head to the airport. We had a great time in the airport in Dubai. We had hoped to leave the airport and do some sight seeing but they had told us that it was a minimum of 8 hour lay over to leave the airport and we were only had 5 so we had to stay... but the HUGE airport kept us entertained for sure.

Here are some pics of Pierce playing in the airport... now remember this is like early early morning for him on Sing time... he did great.

I feel in love with all the different people in the airport... I love to people watch.

Here is Pierce refusing to eat... so he was pouting in his car seat...

What a lovely airport... full of some great architecture, lots of colors and some great memories now.

We touched down in Houston to find Aunt JuJu waiting at the airport for us. We made it back in time for dinner and we played a little and put Pierce to sleep. He slept all night but did wake up 3 times to just check to see if we were all in the right place but went right to sleep. The next day we stayed busy took some naps but was back in bed by 10pm... 8am awake and we are officially over jet lag.. this trip has been the best and easiest on Jet Lag. Pierce is a trooper and Blake has been our guide on what to do and what not to do the whole time... so good.
Here are some pics of Pierce and his best friend Grace... they are inseparable.

We are headed to DFW tomorrow for more adventures... see you soon.... and thanks for praying we can/could feel it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last hours in Singapore...

Last few hours in Singapore have been fun but a little stressful with all the packing... but 4 hours before we leave we are finished packing... now we just have to get the boxes to the right places...

We came here with 5 suitcases and 1 box... we are leaving here with 5 suitcases and 16 boxes... wow.. one can accumulate alot of things in 2.5 years. Wow.

Here are some pics of last night while cleaning up the place (Pierce was such the helper) and a little preview of what the place looks like now... alot of boxes and stuff.

Last night we had watermelon on the balcony... last night on the 10th floor...

Now how am I going to get this painting home...???

Goodbye Singapore... and here we come America.

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