Monday, July 12, 2010

A new favorite... the farmlands in Singapore!


A new favorite place in Singapore... the Singapore farmlands... who would have thought there was so much farmland on this little island. My friend Esther and her children called us one day and said lets do something Singaporean (she is Singaporean) and we said yes.. so away we went... the goat farm was our first stop.... and by the look of these utters... they were about to burst... we got their just in time.

Next stop the frog farm...

Have you ever seen such a big frog... toad.. whatever... they are being raised for eating... yum yum.

The cool thing about this farm was that is taught the stages of the frog... they even had tadpoles... here Pierce is checking out the fish and tad poles living together.

Sweet Malcolm.

Esther and her family...

Please don't fall in...

Back in the car and to the next stop... we were hoping to go to the crocodile farm but it was closed... so we went to the fish farm.

Here we got to feed the huge fish... and boy was it huge... I should have videoed this process bc it was awesome but I am glad that I didn't bc I would have dropped the camera about the time I let out a big scream bc the hug fish (whale) came out of the water and made this LOUD sound when it swallowed the fish... I did not think it was going to be a big deal bc there were no workers around checking on things
but I should have been warned by the big bars above the tank so you could not get close. Here is Pierce holding the food... ready to throw it in.

I could not get a good pic of the fist we got to feed by outside they had another one (not as big) but by the looks of the pic you get the idea... wow... he was huge and hungry.

Next fish spa... this was the first for Esther's children... we all had a good time.

Another great morning playing with friends... we will miss our sweet Singaporean friends... they really have made this place home... and the farmlands help.

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