Monday, July 5, 2010

Pierceisms at 3.5 years of age!

1) With a serious face and hand gestures Pierce says "Hey Guys I have some bad news" as dad and I wait to hear what the bad news is... Pierce walks away and leaves us in hysterical laughter.

2) When Pierce sees a toy he wants in the store or that a kid has... he puts it down and says "that is ok... Mr. Sunny will get it for me"... Mr Sunny is a co-worker of Daddy's that when he sees Pierce he always has a toy. And now that he is going back to Texas soon he is saying "that is ok... ViVi and Grandad will get it for me"... wow.

3) Pierce confuses the words "either" and "too"... he will say... "when it stops raining I will go outside either" or "I love you either"... he use to use the word too correctly but now that he learned either he wants to use it all the time.

4) One day I was dressing and Pierce pointed to me and said... "you got big ones mom", I then asked "what are big", and then he said "you got big hills on your tummy"... I know maybe a little to much information here but isn't that so cute.

5) Pierce was tackling Daddy and then I jumped on top of both of them... and Pierce said "don't squeeze me you will break me but it will be ok bc Jesus will rebuild me".

6) I had some of Pierce's toy one day when we were playing and he took them and said "ok that is enough I have to give them back to my country now".


Denton Family said...

Very Sweet...Pierce looks like he is 6 yrs old

Jones Family said...

Those are hilarious!


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