Saturday, February 28, 2009

from the sky of Singapore!

Nothing like sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and attractive people walking an island... well not here in Singapore... sandless, murky ship infested water and men in coveralls and hard hats... but I call it home... we are happy to be back home.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

Don't know when I'll be back again....

This is a song but so true to my current situation... at 4:50pm CST today Pierce and I are boarding a plane to Singapore... we are so excited to see Daddy and all our friends in Singapore but it is bittersweet... we are not sure when we will be back to Texas again... and it is very difficult saying goodbye to loved ones not knowing when you will see them again...

Please pray for our safe trip; Pierce to sleep, Pierce to be happy, mommy to sleep, mommy to be happy, just a peaceful and safe flight...

We love you all and will be counting the minutes until we get to see you again... thanks for a great trip back home to Texas.... you will be missed.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friends and lots of babies!

Pierce and I have been busy... a good busy being loved on by lots of friends and new babies... Since we live far far away we have not gotten to see alot of these babies yet and we are so happy for all the new mommies and daddies... we just hate that we are leaving again and will miss another year... but we will be back to get to love on them again.

Sunday we went to Supper Club and got to meet baby Andrew (who is not in the picture) and baby Ethan Thomas (ET) the baby in the middle. We got to meet baby Carter on the left in Oct. but it was good to see him again... we love you girls and so proud of you... your babies are beautiful.

Here is a close up of Ethan Thomas, proud parents Alaina and Tom Meriwether... look at those eyes... he is really a sweet baby...
Some love from and for Ethan....
Monday night we went and met Timothy Joseph Winter... proud parents Tim and Jenny Winter. Jenny and I were roommates when I first moved in Houston and were good friends in the AFC back in college... I just love my time with Jenny... if you are ever feeling down and crappy just go and visit Jenny she has such a gift to love on people and make them feel like the Princess they are through Jesus' eyes... I just love you so much Jenny and thank so much for your friendship... your little blessing could not be sweeter... and I just can't wait to eat him up when I get back... I love you.

Tuesday afternoon we meet up with some old coworker friends from RediClinic... Christina and Stephanie. Christina has a new baby Addie.... I really had a lot of fun getting to see you again (outside of work :-))... I am holding Stephanie's one year old boy Logan... they are just so cute and I hated that we had to run to put Pierce down for his nap... see you soon and thanks again for a great lunch.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthdays for All!

Saturday was Evie Lou's birthday so we all went to the zoo... it was short ride at the zoo bc of "tudes" and rain but we all had fun.

Here Harper is giving Pierce a kiss on the shoulder.... so sweet.

The guys had to ride of course... this is the back for Shane and Steve.

These two were inseparable... thanks Shane for being so kind to our Little PD Bird.

Then we went to the petting zoo... look how precious Evie is.... I love you Evie.

And look at this little jewel... Harper Ray I love you too... great pic taken in a blue tunnel.

After naps we headed over to the Hobbs house for cupcakes and pizza... we celebrated everyone's birthday with a big celebration.

Evie had one of our friends Cameron cmoe to the party... they kids were so much fun in their hats. Birthday never end for The Dentons.

Love me some cupcake.

After sugar we got our grove on... they were all dancing.

Here are my girls again... I love you ladies....

Love these people....

Thursday night we had to get some Mexican food and there were these SHREK donkeys out front... how cute are they... we just love those kids....

Pierce sure does miss his daddy so Shane was the fill in daddy for the weekend... Pierce had a lot of fun with Shane and this is just one of the million times he was thrown in the air... look at that smile.

The kids just ran and ran and ran after dinner......

Not sure who these kids are but they were too much to handle.

The girls... I love these girls with all my heart... and have really been there for me... Thank you Marcie for coming all the way to see Kara and I... I look forward to your next trip and us all getting together again.

BACKWARDS charlie angels pose... do you like?

Sushi, bowling and shuffle board... does it get any better?

Friday night the adults (Shane, Marcie, Me, Kara and Steve) decided to have a night with no babies... we had sushi for dinner and then we hit the local bowling alley for a great night... I just love the Hobbs and Benners... they are so much fun and I never felt like a 5th wheel.

Here we are at the bowling alley.... we played three rounds and the girls lost all 3 rounds but I do have to say we got better towards the end and only lost by 5 points.
I had to take a picture at this screen... the first name is tate for Marcie, Millie for Camille and Ste for Steve and Sha for Shane... look who is winning... I had to take a picture bc that is the only time I was winning... the guys did end up winning this round but check out all those strikes and spares... now that is how you bowl... not really I am never really good at bowling not sure what happened this night.

Nice shot... this is my dear friend Marcie, she will thank me later. I love you girl and already miss you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

100,000 miles!

It is pretty sad when you car sits in a garage for a whole year, only used 2 months out of the year and some how still made it to the 100K mark... wow... we do alot of driving....

I took this picture sitting at a red light while traveling from FTW to Houston this past week... crazy.

Fun with the Carrs!

We just love us some "Carr" time... you have seen this precious family before and we always try to meet up with them on our way to Houston from Fort Worth... on Wed. we meet up with them at Incredible Pizza. It was Pierce's first time to a place like this and he was in heaven (and button over load)... great idea Lisa and it was so good to see you and Brooklyn (like normal).

So cute... I just adore back shots... look at Pierce holding on with his arm around Brooklyn.

Could she be any cuter?

Can you believe they had an airplane to ride... Pierce loved it.

Black light bowling... are you kidding me?

I just love this kid.

Esophagitis... yuck!

Thanks for all the prayers, emails and calls... you guys are the best... the procedure was perfect and the recovery was amazing. I think the procedure took about 15 minutes, they took 3 biopsies, and the Dr. said I had esophagitis....

This is a picture of a normal esophagus.... and

the picture on the top right is my esophagus... yuck... no wonder it hurts... I will find out more on the biopsies this coming week (so please keep praying)... but all in all I am doing good and now taking nexium (again)... more to come I am sure.

Thanks again for praying and thinking of me.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Benners are here... yipppeeee!

Our good friends The Benners (Shane, Marcie and Evie) came to visit us from South Carolina. We are so excited that they are here with us and we get to love on them (I should say loved by them bc they are so sweet to us)... we just love that Evie Lou.... look at that sweet girl. They use to live in Houston and while they lived here I meet Shane and Marcie at church and then invited her to our playgroup where she meet Kara Hobbs... Us three, Kara, Marcie and I have been BFF's ever since and our husbands just love each other too... it is just so nice when the husbands like one another (right ladies?). The only reason why I am on the computer while they are here is bc Pierce is sleeping at Aunt JuJu's house (where I am) and the Hobbs and Benners are hanging out at the Hobbs house... I am so jealous so I thought I would blog about them. I love you Benners.... thanks for coming to see us. Pierce and Evie are 1.5 months apart.... and they have loved each other since they laid eyes on each other.... aren't they just so cute?

Friday, February 20, 2009


Please say a little prayer for me this morning... at 8am CST I will be put to sleep by a general anesthesia and will have an endoscope put in my mouth to explore the esophagus and stomach area... if you remember me talking about my acid reflux awhile back... it is still active and they are going in to see the problem... this is a very minor procedure and it is outpatient but if you could say a prayer for the Dr's. to figure out what is going on, for a safe procedure, for an easy and mild mannered wake up, for my caretakers (that I will be pleasant with them), for my dear friends and family that will be watching my sweet baby boy, and for Pierce to understand what is going on with mommy when he sees me in the afternoon (bc I think I will be out of it)...

Thanks for your prayers....

Little Gym and Hair Cut (in FTW)!

Organized playtime is way overrated for my 2 year old... does anyone else feel this way? While in FTW my mom and I took Pierce to the "Little Gym" and wow... was I tired after it was over... Pierce did Gymboree when he was an infant but this whole thing where a teacher is singing baby songs and asks all the mothers to grab their little ones to sit on the happy wall for a minute while she gets this huge parachute rainbow thing out and does not want any children running around for their safety... is for the birds... and then we are suppose to set our children on a balance beam (about 5 children) and have them sit there and play nice and then hang them up side down for a "wheelbarrow" stance... you have got to be kidding... my son only wanted to run around the entire time... most of the kids were younger than him but there was one boy about 2.5 years of age that just ran around with him... they had a good time but I was breaking a sweat trying to keep up with him and try to act like Pierce never acted this way (but that was fake... who am I kidding he always acts like this).... My mom had a good time watching the show and got a bunch of pictures.... enjoy.
Chasing... come back here... see all the other kids sitting on the parachute... my kid running crazy.
This was the best part... he loved turning upside down on the uneven bars. For the record this was the only time that I got him to sit down (on my legs while bouncing him up and down)... we even had to sit in time out during the 45 minute "organized play time".... does anyone else have them problems?

We also got our haircut in FTW... wow look at this set up.... he loved sitting in the car while watching cars and sucking on a sucker.... smart idea.

And if that was not enough... he got to play with a HUGE train set afterwards... heaven for my 2 year old.

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