Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friends and lots of babies!

Pierce and I have been busy... a good busy being loved on by lots of friends and new babies... Since we live far far away we have not gotten to see alot of these babies yet and we are so happy for all the new mommies and daddies... we just hate that we are leaving again and will miss another year... but we will be back to get to love on them again.

Sunday we went to Supper Club and got to meet baby Andrew (who is not in the picture) and baby Ethan Thomas (ET) the baby in the middle. We got to meet baby Carter on the left in Oct. but it was good to see him again... we love you girls and so proud of you... your babies are beautiful.

Here is a close up of Ethan Thomas, proud parents Alaina and Tom Meriwether... look at those eyes... he is really a sweet baby...
Some love from and for Ethan....
Monday night we went and met Timothy Joseph Winter... proud parents Tim and Jenny Winter. Jenny and I were roommates when I first moved in Houston and were good friends in the AFC back in college... I just love my time with Jenny... if you are ever feeling down and crappy just go and visit Jenny she has such a gift to love on people and make them feel like the Princess they are through Jesus' eyes... I just love you so much Jenny and thank so much for your friendship... your little blessing could not be sweeter... and I just can't wait to eat him up when I get back... I love you.

Tuesday afternoon we meet up with some old coworker friends from RediClinic... Christina and Stephanie. Christina has a new baby Addie.... I really had a lot of fun getting to see you again (outside of work :-))... I am holding Stephanie's one year old boy Logan... they are just so cute and I hated that we had to run to put Pierce down for his nap... see you soon and thanks again for a great lunch.

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Grantham said...

Looks like you had a great time! Sorry we missed you when you came through. Be safe on your return and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.


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