Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Ol' College Station!

On our way to FTW/Dallas we stopped in College Station to see The Mays, eat some Freebirds and catch a basketball game.... we had so much fun.
I know alot of my blogger readers love Miss Sara May... here is a precious picture of our sweet little Angel... I love you Miss. May.

Pierce had so much fun playing with Matilda Josephina May (aka Matty).

For dinner we headed to Freebirds. Aunt JuJu and Uncle Keith joined in the fun... we love some bird.

After we put Pierce to bed we headed to the TAMU vs. TT basketball game... yes we did win but the best part was learning all the new traditions and changes with the basket ball fans since Blake and I were in college. To my knowledge Basketball was not very big when I was in college... little attendance (and Blake says we were no good)... man things have changed in AggieLand, look at the student section.

While they introduce the other team... the TAMU student section holds up newspapers.... hilarious.

Entertaining half time show... and I am not talking about the Aggie dance team.
And a NEW band... what... they can color their hair maroon, wear hats, have facial hair, dance... what is going on?

OH MYYYYY... have the fans changed???? Check this guy out.. I had to video tape this.. he would perform his duty when the other team was attempting a free throw... wow...I wonder if he is still proud?

The next morning Sara and I drove to Shipleys and got some donuts... this was Pierce's first time to ever have donuts... do you think these two were happy?
Thank you Sara and Kathy for having us... we love you so much and thanks to the Williams for the basketball tickets... we had so much fun.


The Westcott's said...

What a fun trip for you guys! I'm counting the days until you're back in Htown.

Perks said...

This post cracked me up. Yes, b-ball has changed a bit since Gillispie put the program on the map. The students are great.

The band is called Hullabaloo. It's not the Fightin' TX Aggie band. It's made up of students and they play only at basketball games. They are good.

The large guy behind the basket...interesting, huh? He's there every game shaking his stuff. I wouldn't really want to be known for that but I guess he doesn't mind.

da momma said...

Ahh Sara! I miss that sweet angel! Fun pics!

Lisa said...

I'm so jealous! Clay and I are dying to get back down there for a "new" basketball game. Looks like you had a great time and it was fun seeing pics of Sara.


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