Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hanging with Lydia and parents!

Friday night we got to hang out with Lydia and her parents, Renee and Dan. We had so much seeing them and playing with all their toys. Afterwards we headed over to see the Countryman's and since the babies were asleep I forgot to get out the camera... we had fun seeing them and playing with their toys too.

If you have been keeping up with the blog you know that Pierce loves confined places... so this baby cage was perfect for him.

Do all kids love to sit in boxes?

Lydia will be 1 years on in a couple of months so Pierce has way outgrown her toys but he had to play with them... check this out... look at his legs.

Then he had to get in her walker... thank you Renee and Dan for letting me humor my son.

Look at this sweet baby girl...we love you Lydia.
Look at this sweet momma.... I love you Renee and thanks for being such a good friend. I look forward to when we move back and can hang out more often... move closer to Katy so we can see you all the time.


The Westcott's said...

I'll move next door if you want me to! You need to fix the sentence about Lydia's age...I think you must have been doing something else while typing. Liddy will be 1 year old in 2 months!

Shelly said...

Girl! How is it that you are basically on vacation (not even in the country where you currently reside) and I STILL can't keep up with your blog!!!! I'm glad I'll be with you in a few days FOR a few days so you can't blog 6 times a day and make me feel like a bad friend for not being able to keep up. It is all about me, you know. :-) The "outside" smell on Pierce might just be a boy thing...Don't even say the P word! I went to a seminar today on how to discipline your kids with Christina and they said something that is soo true! When you are raising kids, days are long but years are short. That is soo true...puberty will be here before you know it! Boo hoo!!!!


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