Friday, February 6, 2009

Fort Worth Rodeo!

Not sure if Pierce was more interested in the candy or the animals... I think the candy.

Not sure if you can see what I was trying to capture but Pierce and Dad are sitting in the far bottom corner of the picture watching the barrel racing.... Pierce was interested at first but he was most interested in the race below.

There were two tractors that clear the path.. he really liked the tractors... go figure.

Pierce had his first corny dog at the rodeo... and I might add that he conquered that corny dog.

Then we had to go to the Midway and ride some rides. He loved this train ride.

Dad had his eyes on the roller coaster... do you think we paid $8 to ride this ride?

Well yes we did...

I think it was overrated... Pierce is not so sure about the ride.

Then ViVi made it possible for Pierce to ride the pony... he liked it at first and then after about 3 circles he jumped off... not so sure about the pink haired pony... how do you think that happened?

Last stop.... feeding and petting the AMINALS (yes I spelled that the way I like to say it... AMINALS).
Maybe next year we can have some boots and a hat.


da momma said...

fun times!! looked like great weather too

ashley said...

so fun. i love the rodeo and miss the houston rodeo. Pierce will need boots forsure next year.

Lisa said...

Love the photos - I know your little man had a great time. Probably brought back some memories for you, too! I wish our paths would cross one of these times. Cara and I are going on our retreat the same weekend you're going...we'll be in McKinney. What about you?


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