Monday, February 23, 2009

Love these people....

Thursday night we had to get some Mexican food and there were these SHREK donkeys out front... how cute are they... we just love those kids....

Pierce sure does miss his daddy so Shane was the fill in daddy for the weekend... Pierce had a lot of fun with Shane and this is just one of the million times he was thrown in the air... look at that smile.

The kids just ran and ran and ran after dinner......

Not sure who these kids are but they were too much to handle.

The girls... I love these girls with all my heart... and have really been there for me... Thank you Marcie for coming all the way to see Kara and I... I look forward to your next trip and us all getting together again.

BACKWARDS charlie angels pose... do you like?

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Little House in Grand Prairie said...

hey camille,
I was wondering if I could get your mailing address when you get a chance?
great to catch up with you. you haven't changed a bit!
take care,


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