Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Benners are here... yipppeeee!

Our good friends The Benners (Shane, Marcie and Evie) came to visit us from South Carolina. We are so excited that they are here with us and we get to love on them (I should say loved by them bc they are so sweet to us)... we just love that Evie Lou.... look at that sweet girl. They use to live in Houston and while they lived here I meet Shane and Marcie at church and then invited her to our playgroup where she meet Kara Hobbs... Us three, Kara, Marcie and I have been BFF's ever since and our husbands just love each other too... it is just so nice when the husbands like one another (right ladies?). The only reason why I am on the computer while they are here is bc Pierce is sleeping at Aunt JuJu's house (where I am) and the Hobbs and Benners are hanging out at the Hobbs house... I am so jealous so I thought I would blog about them. I love you Benners.... thanks for coming to see us. Pierce and Evie are 1.5 months apart.... and they have loved each other since they laid eyes on each other.... aren't they just so cute?

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Rachel Kerbel said...

oh man! it is a matt and shelly story in the making!! you have got to save those pics! they are sooo cute!!!


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