Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I just can not believe that our little man is 2... oh how I love this little man.
The cutest little Pilot in the world.

So cute... this was actually taken after the party, after a nap and he wanted to get all dressed up again and go and sit on the run way.

Playing with his airplanes.

He just would not put down the planes...

Just some of his friends that were at the party.

During the party I had everyone that wanted to participate make parachute jumpers and then we had a contest... who ever had the longest air time won... it was a great game and lots of fun.
Such a cute picture.. Pierce has recently found his nostrils and loves to play with/in them.
Sweet Avery.

Cutest little prego lady at the party.... by BFF Shelly.

ViVi and her sisters.

Pierce picking up all the parachutes... he could have done this all day.. pick up and launch... pick up and launch.

Sweet Brooklyn.

After lunch, parachute race, was time to open presents... Pierce was a little overwhelmed... he would open a present and then want to play with it... he has not learn the art of opening all the presents and then playing.

After his nap we had to play with the airplane geotrax toy... so cool.

After playing the boys went and watched a movie outside... does someone look tuckered?

I had to get a picture with my little handsome man...

Then we had to look at the all the stars and the moon before bed... another favorite thing Pierce likes to do...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPTAIN PIERCE" ... thanks to everyone who came the party... we had so much fun and look forward to year 3.


Shelly said...

Oh my goodness! You got some GREAT pics! I love the one of him picking his nose. Too funny! You out did yourself at the party and I CAN'T WAIT to use all your decor on RAY-JAY'S 1st party!!!! :-)

Grantham said...

Sorry we couldn't make it. Watson is just about over pink eye and today we took him to the doctor and he has contracted an ear infection ear. Oh the joy!

We hope you have a safe trip back and wish Pierce a Happy 2nd Birthday!

The Westcott's said...

So cute how he's rocking back and forth during "happy birthday!"

da momma said...

so handsome!!

Jordan said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Pierce's birthday theme/decorations!!! You did great Mama! So sad we missed it.


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