Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Gym and Hair Cut (in FTW)!

Organized playtime is way overrated for my 2 year old... does anyone else feel this way? While in FTW my mom and I took Pierce to the "Little Gym" and wow... was I tired after it was over... Pierce did Gymboree when he was an infant but this whole thing where a teacher is singing baby songs and asks all the mothers to grab their little ones to sit on the happy wall for a minute while she gets this huge parachute rainbow thing out and does not want any children running around for their safety... is for the birds... and then we are suppose to set our children on a balance beam (about 5 children) and have them sit there and play nice and then hang them up side down for a "wheelbarrow" stance... you have got to be kidding... my son only wanted to run around the entire time... most of the kids were younger than him but there was one boy about 2.5 years of age that just ran around with him... they had a good time but I was breaking a sweat trying to keep up with him and try to act like Pierce never acted this way (but that was fake... who am I kidding he always acts like this).... My mom had a good time watching the show and got a bunch of pictures.... enjoy.
Chasing... come back here... see all the other kids sitting on the parachute... my kid running crazy.
This was the best part... he loved turning upside down on the uneven bars. For the record this was the only time that I got him to sit down (on my legs while bouncing him up and down)... we even had to sit in time out during the 45 minute "organized play time".... does anyone else have them problems?

We also got our haircut in FTW... wow look at this set up.... he loved sitting in the car while watching cars and sucking on a sucker.... smart idea.

And if that was not enough... he got to play with a HUGE train set afterwards... heaven for my 2 year old.


erin said...

OK, I'll make a confession if you promise not to tell anyone. I'm glad I only had a two-year-old boy one time. And then I got girls. There, I said it. Don't worry, Kellen would have been running around, too. But he's much better-behaved now, most of the time. Pierce is so cute.

The Westcott's said...

I'd play with that train set too, it's cool looking.

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

I used to teach classes similar to that in college, you can't really expect them to stay in line and do what they're supposed to until about 4 years old. For the 2-3 year olds, we’d usually set up an obstacle course and let them run through it for an hour until they were so tired they could barely stand…that usually works wonders for their afternoon naps!


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