Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love Texas weather...

We are back in Houston for the week and we are loving this Houston, TX weather... it is 78 today and we can not get enough of outside... Pierce wakes up and wants to go outside... the only bad thing is I have just started to notice the "outside" smell on Pierce when we come back in... oh boy... does this mean puberty is around the corner?

Here Pierce is still enjoying his 4 wheeler.

"Can this thing go any faster"...

Running through the monkey grass... Aunt JuJu and Uncle Keith are getting new landscaping soon... this is the only reason why I would allow this... he loves it... hope there are no snakes.

Grace and Pierce are like two peas in a pod... they love having the other always around.

The chase is on... through the monkey grass.


Christina A Jones said...

I think the smell is a Texas thing! Shelby never smells like that here in CA, but when we went home to TX last week, he totally came in with some little kid stink.

Linda said...

A friend of mine calls that "Child at Play!"


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