Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthdays for All!

Saturday was Evie Lou's birthday so we all went to the zoo... it was short ride at the zoo bc of "tudes" and rain but we all had fun.

Here Harper is giving Pierce a kiss on the shoulder.... so sweet.

The guys had to ride of course... this is the back for Shane and Steve.

These two were inseparable... thanks Shane for being so kind to our Little PD Bird.

Then we went to the petting zoo... look how precious Evie is.... I love you Evie.

And look at this little jewel... Harper Ray I love you too... great pic taken in a blue tunnel.

After naps we headed over to the Hobbs house for cupcakes and pizza... we celebrated everyone's birthday with a big celebration.

Evie had one of our friends Cameron cmoe to the party... they kids were so much fun in their hats. Birthday never end for The Dentons.

Love me some cupcake.

After sugar we got our grove on... they were all dancing.

Here are my girls again... I love you ladies....

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