Friday, November 28, 2008


By the time you read this we will be on our plane ride home to Singapore. We had such a blast and want to thank everyone who made time to see us, show us hospitality and love on us... we could not have had a better trip and I can not wait to see everyone again in Jan.

Mark you calendars Blake, Pierce and I will return on Jan. 20th and Blake will be leaving on the 5th of Feb. to return home and Pierce and I will stay until the 26th of Feb.

This is bitter sweet for me bc I am so excited to get my arms around my hubby and get back to Singapore, but I will miss each and everyone one of you, the weather, the food and just my home.

Please say a prayer for us that our plane ride is smooth and Pierce gets some sleep and is an angel on the plane.

Thanks again and see you in Jan.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I love to eat Turkey!

Happy Turkey Day... and I would love to give Thanks for all of you.

I found this video on YouTube and I had to share it... Who doesn't love Adam Sandler and who doesn't love turkey?


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Busy Weekend...but oh so GREAT!

We had one BUSY weekend.... we are so tired but it was so worth it... we had so much fun. I got to see most of my people and got loved on and Pierce loved playing with all his old friends and all his NEW ones too.


Saturday morning started with leaving Pierce with aunt JuJu and Uncle KW and I went to the Houstonian with my good friend Kara. We celebrated her birthday and anniversary. Starbucks and a book in hand we are ready to go.

I love the Houstonian... not only do you get rubbed on but you get to sit in the hot tub, sauna and waiting pool. So much fun.

After our massage we headed to the Tranquility room.... a must when you visit the Houstonian. Here is Kara taking a little nap... I need one of these rooms in my next room... it is a toss up between the Tranquility room and the scrapbooking room... Blake is now having a fit reading this... HE HE HE

After the Houstonian... I got Pierce and we headed to The Meriwethers new house for supper club. For several years now Blake and I have been a part of a great group of people and we meet once a month for Supper Club. We always have so much fun. The above picture is of the girls (excluding Lindsay Countryman who could not make it this time) and the baby is Carter who belongs to Jordan in the middle. Alaina is sitting next to me and she is expecting little Ethan Thomas in Dec. Next to Jordan is Amanda and Jessica.
We spent the night at the Meriwethers and we all got a good nights rest in their new beautiful home... the above picture.
Here are the boys in the morning... Tom and Pierce.
Then we headed to church... In hopes to catch up with my good friend Renee with skipped Bible study (shame shame) and sat outside to play with her little one Lydia... isn't she so cute?
Renee and Lydia
Still going.. after Church Pierce and I headed to the Granthams for lunch. I fed Pierce quickly and then put him down for a nap and then I got to hang out with the babies. The Granthams have baby Watson (on the left) and my good friend Emily and her husband Kris came in from Longview this weekend and I got to meet Zackary (on the right). Another fun afternoon with good friends.

These two girls were the first girls in Houston that I told that I was prego with Pierce and I am so thrilled to meet their little ones now... Both Watson and Zack were born when I was in Singapore so this was our first meeting.

Mandy and Watson. The Granthams were neighbors of mine and I miss them so.

The Thornton Family... Kris, Emily and Zack.

After Pierce woke up we headed to The Fischers house. John Fischer is Blake's business partner and I have really grown to love and adore their family John, Mandy and Madison. Pierce really had a great time chasing their dog and playing with Madison.

Mandy had cookies waiting for Madison and Pierce to eat together... here they are devouring their cookies. So cute.... Madison is really a sweet adorable little girl.

After we left the Fischers (in Katy) we headed to College Station to visit with the Mays, Kathy and Sara. Kathy was my boss in college and Sara was one of my bridesmaids... I love this family so.
Pierce had so much fun with Sara's walker... look at that smile.

And he adored their dog, Matilda Josephina May.

Monday morning we headed out to Forth Worth.

I love this little girl!
We meet with Katy and Zoe Garner at Starbucks and toured Target to keep the kids entertained while we caught up. (Sorry no pictures I am so bummed)
Then after lunch in College Station we headed to Fort Worth.
It is now Monday night and we are here at ViVi and Grandad's... we are now going to get some rest.
200+ miles, 12 families, 13 kids, 5 houses, 3 days, 2 Dentons, 1 happy mama.... we are calling it a night! See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Visiting with Brooklyn and Lisa!

Brooklyn had just visited Pierce in Singapore (with her mommy Lisa and Daddy Mark) but we missed them so since they left... so we had to meet up in the Woodlands one day to hang out... Pierce was saying Brooklyn all morning and Lisa said that Brooklyn was excited to see Pierce again. I even asked Brooklyn if she wanted to go back to Singapore with me and she said Yes. We meet at the mall and they first ran around the Tree playground there, then we went and had lunch and then rode the carousel together. We always have so much fun with the Carr's and just wish we were closer to Conroe so we could do it all the time.

That's Brooklyn on the edge of the bridge looking at Pierce... so sweet... like she is dreaming of her hunk.

So cute... Pierce loves this little girl.

Not sure why Brooklyn moved over but I am sure Pierce had something to do with it... HE HE HE

Pierce loves to Dance!

You have got to check these two video's out of Pierce dancing... he loves to dance anytime he hears music... is this my son or what?

This video is hilarious for two reasons... one Pierce is dancing to Avery's slide show music for her 1st birthday and second if you look at the video that is Avery jumping in the jumper and her mother put the original video to a rap song about Jumping Around... Priceless... does it get any better than that?

OK... this is not what I thought it was and Pierce is not really dancing but I thought it must have been cute enough to save... he loves music and he loves radios... he wanted me to join him in listening to the music at this Halloween Party on Avery's street... I thought it was cute that he came to get me at the end. And he looks really cute in his Halloween costume.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meeting the Countryman Twins!

The Countryman Twins Claire and Carson are 8 months old... I did get to meet them before I left but I was sick so I did not get to hold them... I could not wait to get my hands on them this time. They are so cute and all grown up. Carson is a doll and loved watching Pierce, Claire is so sweet and sensitive you could just hold her all day long. Aren't they sweet?

I was taking pictures of the twins just sitting there staring at me and Pierce was playing in the background and then he noticed what I was doing and came running and sat beside Claire. So cute... he looks like a giant next to them.

I don't think they knew what to do with me... the minute they woke up I was holding them, kissing them and taking pictures...

There is mama Lindsay... she is doing so good with two and my hero.

Having fun with the Hobbs!

Here is another couple that we absolutely adore...I love me some Hobbs! Steve, Kara and Harper have become very good friends of ours. Steve and Blake grew up together and I meet both of them at the Lake Conroe function that we got to once a year (when we are not in Singapore). Kara has been such a mentor, friend, and hero of mine since Pierce was born... I love them. We got to hang out with them one night and play around.

Some blubbers from Steve.

This was the best picture we could get of Harper and Pierce.... Harper is an excellent picture taker and will sit still for 30 minutes if she has too... but Pierce is another story.

This is proof that Pierce likes to "hi yah" people... thank you Daddy!

And I forgot to mention... there are dogs here... oh boy so much fun... Pierce loves doggies!

We tried to calm the night with a little Elmo... This was good guy time for Pierce... he misses his Daddy so much.

Look at that cute girl... we love you sweet Harper!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Avery!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Girl Avery! You are such a jewel to so many people (already) and you will never really understand how much of a blessing you are to your parents. We have prayed for you, dreamed of you and wished for you and it is so hard to believe you are one... I can not wait and am so honored to watch you grow into the precious woman God has created you to be. I will continue to pray for you and I know you and Pierce will be friends for life. Avery Baby I love you!

Here are most of the kids that attended her birthday party. It was a huge hit and it was so good to see everyone. See Pierce sitting like a big boy in the front row with that big grin.... it only took 20 shots to get this one... and check out that birthday girl... so happy!

Avery and her daddy Matt!

Pierce had so much fun at the party... he had a blast playing with all the big boys outside.

And playing with the girls in the make believe sand box (a box with no sand).
And then he decided to throw something... do you see the sweet girl beside him telling him NO.
Throwing the ball... Last year when they were doing a big spread on the Manning brothers during football season... I remember seeing a picture like this of one of the Manning boys... you never know we could be sharing this picture with the nation someday when Pierce is a famous football player. HE HE HE

He got to play inside on the slide.

I just love and adore those Kacsmaryk's!


I just thought this was hilarious so I had to share...the first night back in Houston (from Fort Worth last week) Pierce and I went to Pei Wei for a quick bite to eat for dinner. My mom (his ViVi) had made him his favorite kind of sandwich for dinner a pumpkin butter sandwich. I was waiting on my food to come and I gave Pierce his sandwich to eat... he normally uses his hands to eat a sandwich but he felt compelled to eat it with chop sticks. When is Asia he eats with a fork... when in America he eats with chop sticks... Irony at its best!

Visiting Uncle Keith, Auntie Elly, cousin Cason and cousin Kaley

Last weekend we got to visit with Uncle Keith, Auntie Elly, cousin Cason and cousin Kaley (dogs)... we had so much fun and got to play with so much stuff... I think the best part was watching Pierce with the dogs and watching Uncle Keith and Auntie Elly play this guitar game on the play station... so much fun.

Pierce was in heaven when this picture was taken... surrounded by dogs and his Uncle Keith, one hand on the computer, the other with a remote control and watching football... ALL BOY!

More stuff to play with.

Running from Cason's tongue.

This was Pierce's first official time to watch some good old football... what a sweet picture.

He got to wrestle with his Uncle Keith... can you tell he was having a good time.

Then we got to go outside and play with the dogs... I thought this picture was priceless... all paws on the ball.

"Mama can we let the dogs in?" ~ Pierce

I had fun today!

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