Friday, November 28, 2008


By the time you read this we will be on our plane ride home to Singapore. We had such a blast and want to thank everyone who made time to see us, show us hospitality and love on us... we could not have had a better trip and I can not wait to see everyone again in Jan.

Mark you calendars Blake, Pierce and I will return on Jan. 20th and Blake will be leaving on the 5th of Feb. to return home and Pierce and I will stay until the 26th of Feb.

This is bitter sweet for me bc I am so excited to get my arms around my hubby and get back to Singapore, but I will miss each and everyone one of you, the weather, the food and just my home.

Please say a prayer for us that our plane ride is smooth and Pierce gets some sleep and is an angel on the plane.

Thanks again and see you in Jan.


Donna said...

I'm praying for a peaceful trip back and that Pierce will sleep for you. It was great to meet you at the scrapbook retreat. When you get back, maybe some of us can do it again.


Anonymous said...

We're hoping you all made it safely back to Singapore and that everyone gets well soon. Love you all! Keith & Elysse

Dionne said...

Welcome back to this side of the world! Hope you had an uneventful trip and are safe and sound with Blake.

Grantham said...

We enjoyed seeing you and look forward to January when you all come and visit.


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