Thursday, November 13, 2008

Covered Bridge Inn - Scrapbooking Retreat!

When I told my best friend Shelly that I was coming into town she signed me up for a scrapbooking retreat with her this past weekend. We had so much fun and I wish I could go there once a month... to just hang out, get some good scrapbooking in, eat some good ol' country cooking and just get away from the city.

The Srapbooking Retreat was held in Aledo, TX at the Covered Bridge Inn. There were about 30 ladies and we talked about everything form circumcision to adoption. It was awesome and I got alot of work done.... check it out below.

Here is a picture of the house that we stayed in.

Here is our table... The only person that I knew was Shelly but everyone was so nice and we had a great time... I look forward to meeting up with them next year to talk about 2009. And I might have to add that I have never seen so much scrapbooking stuff in my life.

Shelly and I stayed up until 3-5 am every night and woke around 8am and the Sunday we slept until 11am... we were tired and as Shelly put it I don't want to need a vacation from a vacation so she made us go to sleep. The lady in the back on the far upper right never went to sleep in 2 days.

I had to take this picture form my table... check out all those crickets in the background (the white computer looking thing, two on the table and one on the floor)... there were about 6 total crickets here and we all had so much fun using them and learning new things. And if you are a scrapbooker or like to make cards or a teacher... you MUST get a cricket. The Rock!

The next pictures are for all my scrapbooker friends and those who have asked for pictures (a shout out to my friend Lisa)... enjoy!


Lisa said...

OH MY GOSH! Did you seriously do all of that in one weekend?!? I HAVE to go on one of those retreats. Your pages are amazing...I'm so stinking jealous. And I really want to know how you did his name in that last layout.

The Westcott Family said...

Yikes, I hope I don't dream about this tonight or I'll have a bad nightmare. You know how I feel about scrapbooking...NOT FOR ME! I'm glad you have Shelly!

Perks said...

Holy cow!!! That's a LOT of work!!! And that's exactly why I don't scrapbook! :)

The pages look amazing! Great job!

Corrie said...

I'm not a scrapbooker but I just have to say that your comment about that one lady not sleeping for 2 days cracked me up. I guess you have to scrapbook to understand the addiction (?).

Jacquie said...

wow that's a lot of scrapbooking! I love that I recognize some of those events from the fun. You know you could just print your blog and not have to scrapbook...just an idea :)

Queen of the house! said...

Girl you seriously need like 3 more does anyone have that kind of time...LOL

Looks great can you do one for each of my kids....?????

Jones Family said...

AUGH! I'm so jealous I'm screaming out loud over here! I'm yelling at Stacy that I haven't scrapbooked in...get entire year! That's right! Haven't touched a thing since we left Texas. I think it's because I don't have my!

AWESOME pages! Each and every one of them. Okay,so how did you get the little Pierce pics to spell his name? WOW!

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

I bet you did post that unflattering picture of me looking like a 500lb man...don't act like you don't know which one I'm talking about. :-) That was a fun weekend! You have a lot of scrapbook haters reading your blog, so I'm glad we have each other! :-)


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