Friday, November 14, 2008

More Surprises!

We were able to surprise my Brother-n-law Keith and Sister-n-law Elysse a week ago.... Pierce had so much fun with their 3 dogs and all the hugs from Uncle Keith and Auntie Ely.

I dressed Pierce in his Asian outfit bc I thought it would be cute and it was hotter than I had expected and this was the only short outfit I had. So cute.

Then we jumped over and surprised my in-laws Hal and Janet. They had just returned from Barcelona the night before but they were troopers and chased Pierce around the house for about an hour and we went to the park. It is always so much fun seeing family and being loved on.


The Westcott Family said...

But when will you surprise me?

Queen of the house! said...

Hey so what is the plan for your fam? Will y'all stay gone for a long time I cannot remember.....and I haven't had time to finish my own blog much less read everyone else's...hope you are doing well!


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