Sunday, November 23, 2008

Having fun with the Hobbs!

Here is another couple that we absolutely adore...I love me some Hobbs! Steve, Kara and Harper have become very good friends of ours. Steve and Blake grew up together and I meet both of them at the Lake Conroe function that we got to once a year (when we are not in Singapore). Kara has been such a mentor, friend, and hero of mine since Pierce was born... I love them. We got to hang out with them one night and play around.

Some blubbers from Steve.

This was the best picture we could get of Harper and Pierce.... Harper is an excellent picture taker and will sit still for 30 minutes if she has too... but Pierce is another story.

This is proof that Pierce likes to "hi yah" people... thank you Daddy!

And I forgot to mention... there are dogs here... oh boy so much fun... Pierce loves doggies!

We tried to calm the night with a little Elmo... This was good guy time for Pierce... he misses his Daddy so much.

Look at that cute girl... we love you sweet Harper!

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