Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tricking people and getting Treats!

We decided that HALLOWEEN would be the big reveal day for my parents (ViVi and Grandad). They had no idea that we were in town and I thought it would be cool if we just showed up on their door step saying "Trick or Treat"... well when we were planning our trip home I talked to my parents and found out that they had a party to go to... that put a damper in things but with Shelly's help we were still able to pull off the big surprise.

On Halloween day, Shelly called Grandad that afternoon and said that I had shipped her a package to put together for them (the grandparents) for Halloween and that Shelly was going to be in the neighborhood and wanted to drop it off. She also told him that I wanted it to be a surprise but since they were at a party Shelly thought she should get Grandad in on it but still wanted it to be a surprise for ViVi. Well Grandad did not think anything of it and told her where the party was.
I arrived in Grand Prairie around 3pm and Shelly had a block party to go to first... we joined her with the kids all dressed up for an early dinner and then we headed to Fort Worth. Shelly was as excited as we were to head to Fort Worth for the big surprise. She is such a good friend.

Here are the kids dressed up. Shelly bought Pierce's costume... he was a Sheriff/Cowboy and I bought Avery's outfit and she was a little China Doll.

My little Cowboy... here we are at the block party.

Pierce playing games and getting into everything (got to love the age 2).
We soon were headed to Fort Worth to surprise my parents.

OK... we arrived at the party and told the host at the door what we were doing and he was happy to go along with the surprise and lead us into the house to where my parents were. ViVi and Grandad where talking to some people, Pierce was with Shelly and Matt and I was hiding with the camera. I was in the back of them when finally they realized that this little boy was their Grandson. The conversation went something like this:
Shelly and Matt: (smiling) "Hello"
Grandad: (stunned and so happy) "Vickie look who's here"
Vivi: (shocked) "What are you doing here (talking to Matt)" (confused) "This kid looks just like my grandson (removing the hat)- see picture above
Grandad: "Vickie its Pierce"
ViVi: (still shocked) "Somebody pinch me... what is going on."
Camille: "SURPRISE"
It was a big hit and everyone loved the surprise... Pierce did not know what to do bc he was not so sure about the wigs and make-up..but with all the kisses and hugs he soon figured out these people were cool.

Vivi and Grandad are a little scary but I still love them ~ Pierce.
We all decided to go trick or treating down the street.

Here is a family picture of Matt, Shelly and Avery (I could never get her to look at the camera she was to interested in the big pumpkin).

More Trick or Treating.
While Pierce was Trick or Treating with Vivi and Grandad; Avery, her parents and I headed back to my parents house to look at the new renovations and let Avery play. Here Avery is playing with some flowers and we all thought this picture looked a little Asian to go along with her outfit.
When Pierce got home they were both going up and down the stairs over and over again. Time for bed.


Lisa said...

I LOVE this! What a great surprise!!! I can just imagine their confusion. Glad you guys had a happy halloween.

Corrie said...

What an awesome surprise for your parents!! I can't believe you kept it a secret -- I wouldv'e been busting at the seams.

CC said...

Really great surprises are just the best!

The Westcott Family said...

What an awesome surprise!

Cassidy said...

What a fabulous surprise. the pictrues are priceless.
PS I love your shoes. :)

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

Oh my! Who is that cutie in the Asian attire with the strapping cowboy by her side??? They must be a couple! :-) What a fun night!


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