Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Busy Weekend...but oh so GREAT!

We had one BUSY weekend.... we are so tired but it was so worth it... we had so much fun. I got to see most of my people and got loved on and Pierce loved playing with all his old friends and all his NEW ones too.


Saturday morning started with leaving Pierce with aunt JuJu and Uncle KW and I went to the Houstonian with my good friend Kara. We celebrated her birthday and anniversary. Starbucks and a book in hand we are ready to go.

I love the Houstonian... not only do you get rubbed on but you get to sit in the hot tub, sauna and waiting pool. So much fun.

After our massage we headed to the Tranquility room.... a must when you visit the Houstonian. Here is Kara taking a little nap... I need one of these rooms in my next room... it is a toss up between the Tranquility room and the scrapbooking room... Blake is now having a fit reading this... HE HE HE

After the Houstonian... I got Pierce and we headed to The Meriwethers new house for supper club. For several years now Blake and I have been a part of a great group of people and we meet once a month for Supper Club. We always have so much fun. The above picture is of the girls (excluding Lindsay Countryman who could not make it this time) and the baby is Carter who belongs to Jordan in the middle. Alaina is sitting next to me and she is expecting little Ethan Thomas in Dec. Next to Jordan is Amanda and Jessica.
We spent the night at the Meriwethers and we all got a good nights rest in their new beautiful home... the above picture.
Here are the boys in the morning... Tom and Pierce.
Then we headed to church... In hopes to catch up with my good friend Renee with skipped Bible study (shame shame) and sat outside to play with her little one Lydia... isn't she so cute?
Renee and Lydia
Still going.. after Church Pierce and I headed to the Granthams for lunch. I fed Pierce quickly and then put him down for a nap and then I got to hang out with the babies. The Granthams have baby Watson (on the left) and my good friend Emily and her husband Kris came in from Longview this weekend and I got to meet Zackary (on the right). Another fun afternoon with good friends.

These two girls were the first girls in Houston that I told that I was prego with Pierce and I am so thrilled to meet their little ones now... Both Watson and Zack were born when I was in Singapore so this was our first meeting.

Mandy and Watson. The Granthams were neighbors of mine and I miss them so.

The Thornton Family... Kris, Emily and Zack.

After Pierce woke up we headed to The Fischers house. John Fischer is Blake's business partner and I have really grown to love and adore their family John, Mandy and Madison. Pierce really had a great time chasing their dog and playing with Madison.

Mandy had cookies waiting for Madison and Pierce to eat together... here they are devouring their cookies. So cute.... Madison is really a sweet adorable little girl.

After we left the Fischers (in Katy) we headed to College Station to visit with the Mays, Kathy and Sara. Kathy was my boss in college and Sara was one of my bridesmaids... I love this family so.
Pierce had so much fun with Sara's walker... look at that smile.

And he adored their dog, Matilda Josephina May.

Monday morning we headed out to Forth Worth.

I love this little girl!
We meet with Katy and Zoe Garner at Starbucks and toured Target to keep the kids entertained while we caught up. (Sorry no pictures I am so bummed)
Then after lunch in College Station we headed to Fort Worth.
It is now Monday night and we are here at ViVi and Grandad's... we are now going to get some rest.
200+ miles, 12 families, 13 kids, 5 houses, 3 days, 2 Dentons, 1 happy mama.... we are calling it a night! See you tomorrow.


The Westcott Family said...

I'm so glad we got to chat a bit this weekend! It was not enough time though. Thanks for loving on Lydia!

erin said...

Wow! You make me tired.=)

Jacquie said...

Wow...what a weekend...why didn't you come see us - I think you could have squeezed in one more stop - haha! We don't have any babies, but we have a giant lab that Pierce can play with :)

the voice of melody said...

What a packed few days! It all sounded like so much fun. :)

da momma said...

I really thought we were going to get to make a post on your travels in Texas...waaa.... Aydia is still sicky with 104 temp last night. Sad it didnt work out, whit


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