Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Houston, Food and Girlfriends!

While we were in Houston I got to hang out with my GREAT friend Kara and her daughter Harper (and we did get to see Steve for dinner). Kara has and is someone that I have always been drawn too and I am honored to call her my best friend. The second day I was in Houston I surprised her with a visit and it felt so great just getting one of her hugs.
Pierce and Harper sharing a chair at Aunt JuJu's house.
I had some shopping to do so I talked Kara and Julie into going to the mall with me. They were troopers while I ran around the mall and then we finished the day at the play ground to let the kids go wild.
Pierce had a blast... these kind of play areas are very rare in Singapore and if there is one (they do have Gymboree) they are very expensive. I like FREE.
I think Pierce has a new girlfriend.... Girlfriend of the week... He really does love Harper... they could not get enough kisses.

More Kisses.

That night we headed to Lupe Tortilla's... Blake and I's favorite Mexican rest. in Houston. Here is the beautiful Hobbs family.
Pierce was drawn to our waiter... I think it was the dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes.
This picture is for Blake... we miss you baby... Keith was sure to show you the chips and margarita's from Lupe's.

Pierce was starting to get really tired (jet lag) so I brought in the DVD player... both kids liked it very much and it bought us about 30 more minutes.


Corrie said...

Girlfriend of the week eh? So he's already a player... Those blue eyes of his are trouble!

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

You were in Houston, and I didn't even know it! Hope you're enjoying your trip home!!

Anonymous said...

oh to share Lupe's with family and friends....the company....the food....could you bring some back with you to Singapore in dry ice?

I love you babe!


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