Friday, November 7, 2008

First Pop Tart at 22 months and a note to my husband!

My mom and I went to Wal-Mart (oh how I miss this place) and stocked up on food for Pierce... one of the things that caught my eye as we walked down the aisle was Pop Tarts. I proceeded to tell my mom that Pierce had never had a pop tart and then that is when a STRANGER walked up to him and said "Oh you poor boy, you have never had a pop tart" and then she looked at me and said "You need to give this boy a pop tart"... so I reached out grabbed a box (without icing) and opened it up and did not waste another minute. Pierce had his first pop tart in Wal-Mart at 22 months. He did seem to like it but I think I would have done a better job of tearing into it. He savored it until the last bite.


On a Side Note I have been challenged by several bloggers to share with you the things I love about my husband.... this is where I get to brag a little on my sweet Handsome Prince.

1) First and for most you love the Lord, you believe in Him, you have faith in Him, and you walk with Him.

2) More than anything in the world you want to be with your family ALWAYS. There are times that you have opportunities to run and play with Pierce or you and I to go out but you always request that the three of us go and play or go out together... Two is not complete... there is three in your heart.

3) You are hot... even after 3 years of marriage I still can not believe I got me a hottie...

4) I love it that for 3 years you have played around with your hair style just to make me happy and we just recently found out that we both like it best like you had it when we first meet. That brings me to the point that I love you just like I meet you... there is nothing I want to change bc you are perfect for me.

5) You are an amazing father... I can see in your eyes how deep your love is for Pierce and I am thankful that his Daddy is a committed, faithful, loving, and gracious daddy.

6) You are a handy man... I love it that you like to take things apart just to see how they work, that you can pick up a hammer and nails and make something amazing and that you like to do it.

7) You love the outdoors... I am thankful that you are not a hunter but that you love the outdoors. You would pick to be in Australia on the waterfall circuit or California at Yosemite or just hiking anywhere before you would rather by in doors.... I fell in love with you outside and I can not wait to experience more of God's beauty with you.

8) You are an extended family man... it is amazing to me how much love you have for your sister and brother.

9) I love it that you spoil me rotten... I am truly a Thai Thai in training (Thai Thai in the Thai language mean "Lady of Luxury".

10) And I could never repay you enough for working so hard and allowing our son to have his mommy at home during the day...

I miss you so much Handsome Prince... I will see you in 3 weeks.

Love you more each day.

I challenge all the wives that are reading this to share with your husband either on the blog or in person the things you love about him today.


Jacquie said...

Oh so sweet! I bet Blake misses you guys so much right now! Wow Pierce took down that pop tart!! See you tomorrow at the shower.

Corrie said...

What a sweet post. Your hubby sounds like a great guy.

Don't feel too bad -- Sophie turns 3 next month and she's never had a pop-tart.

Justin, Suzanne and Shelby said...

Mmm, Pop Tarts!! I love 'em, but they HAVE to be frosted!! :) Sounds like you're enjoying your trip to Texas, even though the sleeping hasn't been that great. I liked your post about taking Pierce to your pediatrician. How special.

Blake sounds like a great catch! Your list to him was beautiful. It's so great to hear how happy you guys are!!!

Tony, Emily, Sam & Ollie Norris said...

This is so crazy. I stumbled upon your blog through my friends blog. They are friends with Brad Wim (whom I don't personally know, but have been praying for). Anyhoo, I was on their blog and was just clicking around and clicked on yours. So weird!! Sounds like life is good for you. Just wanted to say hi.

Jones Family said...

Pop Tarts! Great idea...I'll let you know what the Shelbster thinks.

Love the note to're right, I need to tell Stacy again. I say thank you every day to him for the little things, but it's been a while since I reviewed all the amazingness about him.
Good call!

I'm loving reading about your trip to Texas! I cried when I read about ViVi and the surprise. So sweet!


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