Monday, November 10, 2008

Outside - We love this weather!

ViVi had to get some yard work done before the cold front rolled in so we headed outside to pull up some flowers and replant (never understood this concept).

Pierce was such the little helper.. he would pick the flowers and then...

Throw them away.
Now he is serious... he has the shovel now.
And this was the end product... I hated to see all the pretty flowers pulled up just to plant some more.. I guess that is why I do not have a green thumb.
Can you tell he was so excited to help... playing the dirt... who doesn't love it?

Then he found a worm... I think he pulled one of them apart... he kept calling it a snake but I am trying to teach him the difference.

After digging we played with the ball... I miss being outside when it is so comfortable.


Jacquie said...

Oh I'm sad the pretty flowers went away...I only take mine out and replace them when they're actually dead - haha. Pierce looked like he was having a blast!

The Westcott Family said...

I pulled up my flowers this morning in preparation for planting the winter buds! I can't wait to see you two next week! We missed you at Alaina's shower, it was really sweet (and had wonderful cake).

Jones Family said...

Worm...snake...they're all creepy!
Dirt...dirt...and more dirt...Shelby is the same way. Right now he loves the pie of leaves I get all together.


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