Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank You's....

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Denton for Pierce's care package of books... oh how we love them.
One day we went to the mailbox and there it was a package... oh how we love packages it totally makes our day (especially mommies)... The package had Pierce's name on it so he got to open it up.... he was so excited to see books inside.

We had to put them on the ground and read and read them again and again.

One of them was a "write on" book for the alphabet that even had a DVD. Also sent the with the package was a picture of GM and GP that is now in Pierce's room and sweet note for Pierce.

He immediately wanted to write in the book... we usually do not allow this type of behaviour (writing in books) but when I said that he could he was confused but so excited... and away he went... and is still going... he loves this book we have to take it to dinner with us most nights so he can write... he calls it "His paper book".

I thought that he was too young for some of the activities in the book but I was wrong... Pierce traced all these letters himself... he started in the bottom right hand corner with Z and made his way up to the top left hand corner on the X... the X's were a little confusing but for 2.5 I thought he did well.

And yes we are still watching the ABC DVD that came with the book... he loves it and wants to watch it over and over again... he likes to stand on the bed and bounce while watching it... so it is kindof like a work out video for him.
The next Thanks goes to Neville and his family for our awesome LEGO Helicopter... Neville gave this to him one day when they were here and when he spent the night he helped us finish this bad boy of a helicopter.... man there are tiny little pieces on this thing and some of them have a motor... wow how Lego's have really grown up :-)... but they still hurt when you step on them...

Pierce knows to be so gentle with this and he is so proud of it... it has to be in eye sight at all times when he is napping and going to bed.... thank you Neville, Sunny and Sogie.... we miss you!

Sinagpore vs. Liverpool...

Liverpool came to Singapore for a football soccer match... who do you think won???

Sunday there was a big group of us that gathered at El Barrio to board a private bus... so we could all go to the game together (in style of course). With LP and SG colors both being red and white... there was alot of red and white... so I wore black and Blake wore maroon... why did we do that... not sure but I was for the underdogs of course.... Go Singapore Lions!
Steve Hardin use to work with Blake and now lives in Borneo, Malaysia but came in for the game.

Here we are all ready on the bus.. what a great ride it was... the bus was 99% for Liverpool... crazy fans they are...

Before the game started... people are still pouring in... check out all that red and everyone got a Singapore flag on the way in.

Was tired of holding the flags so I improvised...

Liverpool in black... Singapore in red.

I was trying to get some good pics but this 'round shiny thing' kept getting in the way (we love you Tim)!

During the game... everyone was standing before it started but after half time most people were sitting... was not a very exciting game... Liverpool won 5 - 0.... so sad.

The food at the game was terrible... and someone had snuck in some pringles... and Valerie and I had to get some of those... I think we ate the whole can... we were so hungry.

After the game we headed back to El Barrio to get our car but first we stopped at the Italian place next door for a calzone with Stephen (who is taking the pic)... yum yum... so good...
We had another great night... but I do have to say we miss going to a good old Aggie Football game right about now.

Here is a Video from Youtube of all the goals... SG 0 - 5 LP... was not a good game for Singapore... but we knew that going into it...
This Video is of the Liverpool banner being passed around on East Zone.... pretty cool.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adult Time and Kid Time... Saturday night was a good one!

We had so much fun with Neville on Friday we had Violet spend the night on Saturday. There was a group of us going to the Melbourne Comedy Festival at Robertson Quay on Saturday night... so Cena came over and watched Pierce and Violet and put them to bed while the parents had a night out.

Jayme and Gillian brought Pierce this table/see saw to play with on the deck and the kids had to get on it ASAP.

After we left the kiddos (in good hands) we made our way to Robertson Quay to meet up with Jennfier & Justin, Toby & Jenn, Gillian & Jayme, and Melanie & Jacob for some good Aussie grub at Boomerangs and then off to show for some good laughs.
Below is a pic of one of the great dishes that was ordered by Jenn... the Lazy Lobster... we also ordered some crocodile, kangaroo and emu... yum yum!
After dinner we headed down the street to the show... we had seats on the front row of the comedy show... we were talking all during dinner who was going to get picked on... I for sure thought it was going to be the prego lady Gillian... but I was wrong....

Melanie likes to take pics as much as I do.. a lady after my own heart... she wrote about this night here on her blog (much better than I am doing for sure)...
Ok so the MC comes out and of course he is the one that starts to pick on late people, some lady in a canary yellow dress and others... and then wants someone to come on stage with him (mind you there was probably 200+ people in the room)... he gets off the stage ask someone right when he gets off and they are shaking their head no, then the next person says no and then he gets to me and you know I can never say no to getting on a stage... so up we go... for alot of laughs... he had to know who my husband was, how long we have been married, the last time we had sex and where I was from... from the answers to those questions everyone got alot of laughs... it was pretty funny...

Not great pics of me but I had to share bc I was laughing so hard the entire time... I thought Blake was going to be embarrassed for us all but he gave me a kiss when I got off stage and said I did good... HE HE HE..... safe....
Here the MC is talking to Blake about something... as I am clapping... must have been funny.
After the show some of us went to Brussel Sprouts to have a drink and dessert... and then us girls had to take a pic with the belly in front of the Robertson Quay sign in the background... can you see it?
We got home with great news from Cena that the kids did great... we let Gillian and Jayme go home and kept Violet with us for the night.
Pierce was the first one up in the morning and he ran to Violets room yelling "where's Violet, where's Violet" and when he found her he had to get in the pack n play with her.

We spent the rest of the morning playing, eating, talking on skype with family and then we headed to church were we meet up with Gillian and Jayme for the drop off....
We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again... and again... we just love all the friends we are making here and the great things there are to do in Singapore... you can never get bored that is for sure.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

First Sleepover!

What a monumental moment... our first sleepover (without the child's parents... we had Brooklyn stay over with us before but her parents were here)! And we had a blast! It was like a built in babysitter... and the parents got to have some fun too!

Neville is 7 years old and he is visiting his father here from the states. Him and his mother have to return to Texas this week so we offered to watch Neville for a night to let Pierce spend some time with him (Pierce loves Neville) and give his parents some alone time. We took Neville to Margarita's on Friday night and then we headed back to our place for some good old fashioned Lego time... in bed at 10pm and swimming the next morning... does it get any better?

Look how dark it is outside and the kids are still up... what fun!

While Pierce and Neville were playing I must have left the camera in his room... well he found it and busted his parents... we were in the living room having some alone time and here comes little PD with the camera... BUSTED!
Close to the finished product... a helicopter... "Boys we will have to finish this in the morning... lets go take a bath" ... that was me talking!!!!
Bath time... look at that face...

Story time and off to bed.... they both slept like a rock and woke around 9am in the morning... after breakfast we headed to the pool.

Neville brought his a treat... he knows the way to Pierce's heart.

OH what fun we had on our first sleepover... this was Friday night and we had so much fun we did it again with another friend on Saturday night... Violet... so stay tuned for more weekend fun.

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