Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank You's....

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Denton for Pierce's care package of books... oh how we love them.
One day we went to the mailbox and there it was a package... oh how we love packages it totally makes our day (especially mommies)... The package had Pierce's name on it so he got to open it up.... he was so excited to see books inside.

We had to put them on the ground and read and read them again and again.

One of them was a "write on" book for the alphabet that even had a DVD. Also sent the with the package was a picture of GM and GP that is now in Pierce's room and sweet note for Pierce.

He immediately wanted to write in the book... we usually do not allow this type of behaviour (writing in books) but when I said that he could he was confused but so excited... and away he went... and is still going... he loves this book we have to take it to dinner with us most nights so he can write... he calls it "His paper book".

I thought that he was too young for some of the activities in the book but I was wrong... Pierce traced all these letters himself... he started in the bottom right hand corner with Z and made his way up to the top left hand corner on the X... the X's were a little confusing but for 2.5 I thought he did well.

And yes we are still watching the ABC DVD that came with the book... he loves it and wants to watch it over and over again... he likes to stand on the bed and bounce while watching it... so it is kindof like a work out video for him.
The next Thanks goes to Neville and his family for our awesome LEGO Helicopter... Neville gave this to him one day when they were here and when he spent the night he helped us finish this bad boy of a helicopter.... man there are tiny little pieces on this thing and some of them have a motor... wow how Lego's have really grown up :-)... but they still hurt when you step on them...

Pierce knows to be so gentle with this and he is so proud of it... it has to be in eye sight at all times when he is napping and going to bed.... thank you Neville, Sunny and Sogie.... we miss you!


Jacquie Von Hohn said...

It's always fun to get mail that isn't a bill -that is an amazing helicopter! I want one of those :)

Melanie said...

Yes, packages are the best!!! Especially the ones for mommy, even though they are almost always for the kiddos!

Jones Family said...

I love that our kids are so very into books! Isn't it wonderful!


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