Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mission Potty #2 - Complete!

Pierce is making this potty training business seem so easy... he is a super star.

Yesterday we had a busy day so there was no pee in potty... we started the morning going to the bird park bc when Pierce woke up he said he wanted to go ride in the blue taxi and then I asked him where he wanted to go in the blue taxi and he said the bird park... so we got ready and had a great morning and lunch at the bird park..

Today was a different story... we decided to take it easy today and really focus on this potty training business... as soon as Pierce woke up we stripped all his clothes off and we both went potty together with success... he was so proud of himself he was dancing and the first thing he ate or drank today was a dinosaur treat for his reward. I decided to leave off the diaper and let him prance around naked for the morning... he was in his room playing and heard his little pitter patter run to the restroom and then the music started (who ever invented the singing toilet is a GENIUS)... I ran in there so excited and we were both dancing... I later went into to his room and found a couple of drops of pee pee... but I told him it was ok bc he did the right thing by running to the toilet... so good.

We soon finished breakfast and ran down to the pool for some time outside... after pool time we came back up and left the diaper off again... and Pierce used the restroom (with zero accidents) 4 more times... he is so excited he empties his bladder when there is just a few drops... what ever floats his boat... I am so proud of him.

I was in the kitchen after lunch baking some cranberry rolls and Pierce came running in the kitchen saying "Its dirty, come mama".. so I followed him to find POO in the toilet... yes POO... we did a POO dance but Pierce just wanted the poo out of his toilet so we soon cleaned it up and had to pee.... I just can't believe how fast he is getting this... wow.

We are now taking a nap in a diaper and mom is on her way out to get some big boy underwear.... yippeeee...

Since we were naked all morning Pierce wanted to lie down on his bed in the living room with all of his scouts, eat some popcorn and watch Bolt... we were celebrating so why not... so cute.


Melanie said...

YAY for Pierce. SO cute that he's so proud of himself.

Jenn said...

wow! What's your secret?

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

wow - he's doing awesome! I didn't know they even made a singing potty - too funny!

Corrie said...

I'd love to say that I'm happy for you (and I am) but I'm also really jealous that you're one of the lucky ones whose child is easy to potty train. Sophie started off pretty easy but we hit a brick wall with the poop. Maybe David will be easier. Or maybe I'll just have you come train him. ;-)

The Woodard Family said...

Woohoo for potty training! Congratulations! Also, I just ordered my first limericki swimsuit and I LOVE it. I'm glad you have that link on here!


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