Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last Full Day - "Song of the Sea" show at Sentosa!

Our last full day we spent the morning resting while Pierce was at school and then for dinner we headed to ViVo City. The guys and girls split up... the guys went to see transformers and the girls went and had Thai food and then headed over to Sentosa Island for the "Song of the Sea" show.

A pic on top of ViVo City.

Sorry about the quality of this picture but it was taken from our table at the restaurant a ways away from this sign that was the entrance to Sentosa Island.

Our dinner was good but the "Songs of the Sea' show was the best... the best $13 I have spent in a long time (other than the massage that I got yesterday).
We had great seats and were close to the performs as they were acting out the sounds from the speaker (a bit cheesy) but check out that gorgeous village in the background.

We thought it was going to be a laser light water show... but they had fire too... pretty cool... no it was pretty hot... but awesome.

They would take water from the ocean and project it into the sky and then shine a laser light on the "fountains"... it was amazing and I recommend it for all to see.

These are not firecrackers... this is water and light... are you impressed yet?

After the show we had some time to kill while the guys were still in the movie.... and I saw this and had to take a pic... I have met some Monks while living here and they have all been very nice but I have never seen monks in a mall going in a store to shop...

Video #1 - An awesome display of the water show... amazing... they shot water up in the sky straight from the ocean and then projected light on the water... amazing...

Not only was there water and lights... but they had fire too.

Another glimpse at how beautiful it was...

Don't get tired of these yet... this one is good.

grand Finale... we loved the show.


The Westcott's said...

Looks like a great show (yes, the water and lights are really cool looking).

Jones Family said...

WHOA!!!! That was soooo cool!!!!!


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